Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Travelling Art Doll Project and Gifts at My Door!

Oh Boy....the Art Dolls have arrived at The Studio at Crow Haven Farm...and they are already getting use to their new home for the next couple of months! LOL Well at least one of them will be and then the other one for additional 3 weeks...However, before I start with the new guests, I would like to thank everyone who participated in A Fanciful Twist's Mad Hatter Tea Party. There were so many Tea Parties going on this past weekend...my tummy is still quite full. So thank you to all who visited us here at the Studio and thank you for inviting us to your Tea Parties! We had a blast!

Now meet Madam Opal from Jacqui over at www.odddollz.blogspot.com Madam Opal has a Chrystal ball that came along with her and she predicts that some thing magical is going to happen to her. We are getting to know one another, and will be working together this weekend. hmmmm I wonder what that Chrystal ball is showing or telling her? LOL
Here is Grandma Witch...She is a hoot and comes from my other Team Member over at ADO Cindy from www.oopsdesparateblogger.blogspot.com What a card this one is! As you can see, she had made her way into the Sunflowers already!
Here they are getting to know each other and being surrounded by the Studio Mess!

I'm looking forward to reading their travel journals and working on them this weekend.
Now many of you know Michelle, from 3rd Eye Muse...if you haven't been to www.3rdeyemuse.blogspot.com well then that's your fault and you must run over there quickly...This artist is amazing and the sweetness little thing in the world. Michelle was having a Giveaway on her blog and it just so happened that her husband drew my name out of the hat. Yes, Me? I couldn't believe it! I never win anything and this makes up for any giveaways that I have ever put my name in and didn't win. Check out what this lovely, amazing, wonderful, caring, talented Artist sent me!

Just look at this amazing SHRINE Michelle created for me! I absolutely love it and this needs to be in a GALLERY. My pictures do not give this the justice it deserves. The detail is mind blowing. Especially inside the SHRINE.

Look at her amazing watercolor cards she has placed her hand on!

And yes, my frogger has a pink belly...just the way I like it! He is having a blast with all of the gals and they love his pink belly too!
Thank you so much Michelle for all of your amazing GIFTS to me. I will cherish them forever and they will be with me always!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Greetings and Salutations Everyone...Welcome to our little part of The Mad Hatter Tea Party Event being hosted by the lovely, talented, gracious, creative, inspiring Artist, Miss Vanessa from The Fanciful Twist www.afancifultwist.typepad.com I would personally like to thank Vanessa for all of the work that she has done for this Mad Hatter Tea Party and all the work and her creative energy that she puts into everything that she does. If you have you have not been to Etsy Shop, make sure you stop by there before the strike of Midnight...Huge Sale on her Prints www.afancifultwist.etys.com...So thank you very much Vanessa for all that you do!
Now Let's join in on the Girls over in the meadow where they like to have their spot of tea.

Having a Spot of Tea and getting ready for the gang to arrive.
Whispers on the look-out...what's this..a little friend. Ralph decided to make a visit to the Mad Hatter Tea Party. He just couldn't help himself with all of the treats that were being placed about. Whispers will have his hands full once Ralph starts eating the custard tarts...LOL.

Getting ready to watch the Big Show... As Bella and Betts are watching the show and drinking their tea, Nelson decides to also make a visit...WOW, all of the unexpected guests today...I must get more custard tarts and little cakes.

I believe this will do!
The Sunny is coming out...WHOOHOOO...We were so afraid that the big bad rain clouds were coming our way ...they held off until around 7 p.m. and then a big BOOM came!

Little friends came to visit from A Fanciful Twist...we are in need of more friends...hint, hint...Miss Vanessa...I so missed your last update! However, the next one I won't miss!
Everyone is really enjoying themselves and just relaxing as they are all getting to know each other and share their little stories.
Bohemia Rhapsody and Vine Einstein are just hanging out...Waiting for...
To SEE ...YES THE MAD HATTER IS COMING TO THE MOVIES! THANK YOU TIM BURTON! Can't wait to see this when it comes out. Should be the Movie of the Year...well, besides "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE."

We hope you enjoyed your stay here with us and come back again for another spot of tea!

Until Next Time...I'm off to paint by tushy off and join in on the other parties around the World!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh MY Goodness, I have received some Awards and I'm a little behind on posting! I also just received two more! LOL Thank you all for these amazing and wonderful Awards, I really, really appreciate them and accept them all with great honor! This First Award is THE GOURDQUEENS SCREAM AWARD.

Here are the RULES...(taken from Sonia at http://www.darkravensnest.blogspot.com/)

Those of you who know the Gourdqueen,http://thegourdqueen.blogspot.com/ know that when she See's something incredible or something that excites her, she shows her enthusiasm by typing "SCREAM".This award is to be shared with anyone whose blog you just love. Whether it's their art, their interests, the things they share, you just simply love to visit their blog!This is what you do:1~Accept the award then post it on your blog with the name and link of the person's blog who shared this award with you.2~Explain the award.3~Then share the award with with blogs that make you SCREAM! Please tell what makes their blog so special to you. Be sure to let them know they have received the award. Also you can share this award again if you run across more bloggers that make you SCREAM!Now to start SCREAMING!I would now like to pass this award to the people and their blogs that make me SCREAM!

Now I was bestowed this SCREAM Award by 2 different artists, Sonia from The Dark Ravens Nest and MarZel from Path Lighting Shadows. Both women are just the coolest gals and keep me laughing and on my toes! LOL Please hop over to their Blogs to see what Sonia and MarZel have cooking in their Studios! You can visit Sonia at http://darkravensnest.blogspot.com and MarZel at http://theplayoflightandshadow.blogspot.com

I am passing this Award onto the following Scream Bloggers:
Flora -

The Second Award, "THE UBER AWARD" was bestowed on me by Zinnia over at http://zinniasart.blogspot.com. I have been working with Zinnia over at Hands & Heart, and I have to tell you...this gal has amazing talent and her Sketches she has been working on knocks my socks off! LOL Thank you Zinnia for sending this award my way...you inspire me everyday my friend!

Here are the Rules:

The Uber Award is a blog award given to sites who:1. Inspire you 2. Make you smile and laugh, or maybe give amazing information 3. A great read 4. Has an amazing design 5. Any other reasons you can think of that make them Uber amazing!The rules of this award are:* Put the logo on your blog or post.* Nominate at least 6 blogs* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

I am passing this Award to:

The third Award, THE BYRUM SPIRITUAL AWARD was bestowed on me by the WONDERFUL, TALENTED ART DOLL ARTIST and My TEACHER, Ms. NANCYE WILLIAMS of http://nancyesartandbeautifuljunk.blogspot.com. Ms. Nancye thank you so much for this lovely award and coming from you...just makes it that more special for me! Cheers my friend!
The Byrum Spiritual Award means:
"You make a difference ... I know, because you have for me!"
I will be posting my 6 Inspirational Artists this weekend..so stay tuned!

Now ART SUPPLIES....WHOOOOHOOOO If you guys are near a Blick's Art Supply Store, they are having a HUGE...A HUGE SALE ON PAINT BRUSHES! Check out what I SCORED! I'm so excite to use them this weekend. I was looking for some detail brushes and picked up a bunch of different ones. I mean...Paint Brushes that were normally $9.89 a piece, I got them for $1.50. Man, you can't beat that! LOL Now I have some Paint Brushes for the Canvases I bought! hehehehehe

Now, I couldn't walk out of there without a GALLON OF GESSO! You know how I LOVE GESSO!
I hope you all have a Wonderful Tuesday and Enjoy the rest of the Week. Don't forget about the MAD TEA PARTY this WEEKEND over at Vanessa's www.afancifultwist.typepad.com I'm sure it will be going on throughout the weekend and then some! LOL

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Greetings and Salutations Everyone! I hope that you all are having a wonderful, creative weekend! It's been raining here all week! I don't mind...I actually really enjoy hearing the rain. I find it extremely peaceful.
So, remember last weekend when I posted the mini workshop from Cloth, Paper & Scissors? Well, I made you all wait for step 9, the finished piece of my painting. It actually turned out to be Step 10! LOL
Here is STEP 10...The Finished Piece.

I'm very happy how this piece turned out, considering it was my first painting in this style. The Artist, Pam Carriker who did the Mini Workshop for Cloth, Paper & Scissors, is starting a Workshop on July 7, 2009 over at Creative Workshops (http://www.creativeworkshops.ning.com/) entitled "Pursuing Portraits. If you haven't been over there, and have always wanted to learn portrait painting, check it out! I know I'll be taking the Workshop. I am currently taking two (2) other Workshops with Pam, Visual Journals and Shades of Grey. I can't say enough about these courses. WOW...I'm learning so much! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Hey remember the Manila Folders????? hmmmm ....Have you guys started doing this yet? LOL Here is one example of how to clean your paint brushes and not waste the paint! Just take your paint brush and clean it on your Manila Folder...Look at the texture and colors you get! This simple technique will make great backgrounds on your pages and even on your canvas!

Now, here is another really cool technique. Take Watercolor paper, sketch paper, your manila folders and take only 5 or 6 colors that you like and make your scrap pages for your journals. What a fun and exciting way to add to your collages and journals and it's your own hand in your pages!


OLD BOOKS, I know you all have them laying around or you can get them at Garage Sales...Tis the Season for Garage Sales! Get yourself some old books and go to town with them. Collage, paint, stamp, doodle, create ART...JUST DO IT! Even if you just throw Gesso on them...for now! Go back and just keep adding layers, layers, and layers...You will be amazed at what you can do with old books...BREATH NEW LIFE INTO THEM...CREATE A STORY...LEARN, GROW...JUST DO IT!

I know I have been talking about Workshops and the amazing things I'm learning, and I'm so excited as I walk down this new path of learning a different skill...However, I'm scared, frustrated and little sad at times, but ...A BIG BUT!!!!! It's a CHALLENGE, and therefore we must push forward and JUST DO IT! FACING OUR FEARS of the unknown sometimes is a little scary, but if I can do this, SO CAN YOU! If you have been thinking about any type of Art Form (i.e., needle felting, painting, drawing, sculpting, mixed-media, knitting, quilting, etc.) there is a reason that you are thinking about it...so why not JUST DO IT! Hey, and if you think you aren't good enough, or you can't do it...Then read the quote from Vincent Van Gogh


Three Cheers to Van Gogh!

This saying goes for any type of ART FORM!!!!
One last thing before I go and Paint my Butt off! LOL I'm involved over at Hands and Heart. (Website- http://www.handsandheart.ning.com/) Monica Zuniga has started a Ning Group and is offering AMAZING WORKSHOPS. I'm actually signed up for all of her workshops and I can't wait until my pieces are done so I can show you all what I have learned from this very talented Artist. She has breathed new life into me and has changed my life forever...For that, I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL! Monica is simply wonderful with her approach to teaching. Her videos will knock you off your chair while you are watching them! They are very clear and you feel like you are sitting right next to her! Simply wonderful!
I can share with you some of my Altered Book Pages that I have been doing over there on one of her Groups entitled "Altered Books." Please make sure you stop by and just check out what Monica is offering...You won't be sorry and I guarantee it...IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

I can't get this picture right...arrrghhh...Oh well, you can still see it! LOL

So with that said...I'm off to Paint those fears away!

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gifts At My Door and Awards!

Why is it every time I have a rough work day, I come home to find treasurers at my door step? LOL How freaking cool is that? What excitement the day turns into on these bad days! LOL Pattee Graham from Odd Dolls sent me some of her precious watercolor postcards that she has been working on and sent some my way! What a wonderful surprise to get and open up! These postcards are just absolutely adorable and my pictures do not give them the justice they deserve. I believe she is going to be offering originals on her Etsy Shop, so make sure you visit her. You can get updates on her Blog over at http://www.odd-dolls.blogspot.com/.
Thank you so much Pattee for the lovely surprise. I'm forever grateful and honored that you sent these precious cards my way. I will be putting these in frames for sure!


Now... I'm a little behind on my Award passing, and Zan from http://wildatheartart.blogspot.com/ bestowed on me a wonderful Award. Oh by the way, she plays awesome music on her Blog and she is going to be featured on PBS...Yes, PBS...so make sure you visit her Blog so you can get up to date on when we will be able to see it! She is absolutely breath taking, knock down gorgeous, talented little thing you have ever seen! I can't wait to give her a BIG HUG! hehehehehe
This award was developed by Tessa in honor of Dr Maithri Goonetilleke's birthday. Tessa was inspired by the way Dr Goonetileke reaches out to others and, with his humanity as her guide, she created this award "to acknowledge the depth and breadth of the warm open-heartedness from bloggers all over the world who reach out and touch their readers with their words."Tessa goes on to quote Dr Goonetilleke: "It has been my experience that whenever one human being reaches out to another in compassion, a bridge is built. A bridge which leads out of despair, into the light of hope and the possibility that tomorrow will hold a few less tears than yesterday." (Taken from Zan's Blog)
Zan, thank you so much for thinking of me and passing this on to me...I love it and it means a lot to me ... my little friend! So thank you very much!
How the Award works: Pass this Award on to 3 others (This is always the difficult part, but if we keep the Award alive, everyone will eventually get it!), so I would like to pass this Award to:
Jacqui - www.Odd-Dollz.blogspot.com (She is a crazy, carefree, giving, talented human being who would do anything for you..even cross the border for you! LOL)
Pattee - www.Odd-Dolls.blogspot.com (Amazing and wonderful Artist, loves nature, always seems to know exactly what to say, is there for you and inspires us all, plus she raises some the best looking chickens you have ever seen! LOL)
Michelle - www.3rdeyemuse.blogspot.com (Is the most compassionate human being I've ever met, has the biggest heart, always a cheerleader for her fellow artists, and is always there at the right time, a fantastic artist and all around wonderful person, who I'm so honored to know and grateful that she is in my life)
Enjoy your Awards ladies...WELL DESERVED!
Until Next Time...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painting, Sketching, Journaling Techniques and GESSO!

Good Morning Everyone! As I sit here at the computer, loading up my photos, looking out the window and seeing the rays of the sun peeking out from the clouds... listening to Loreena McKennitt, there is a peacefulness in the air! It's going to be a good day!

As for Studio Madness this weekend (I'm giggling), I have wanted to try a mini workshop that I saw in the latest issue of Cloth, Paper & Scissors. Pam Carriker did a spread in this magazine in a step by step fashion. These magazines are great because they give us little mini workshops to try new and different techniques. So with that said, this is what I did.
STEP ONE: I used a canvas board 11x16 and gessoed the surface first. I then added my first wash of paint. Let it dry. I started added collage materials.

STEP 2: I started adding more washing of paints, rubber stamps (make sure you use waterproof ink pads on your stamps). I added gesso to my big Foam stamps and pressed them down on to the canvas, more collage materials, using gel medium.

STEP THREE: I continued adding layers of washes of paint and started popping out the texture of the foam stamp. I then sketched out my figure and painted her in a bit.
STEP FOUR: I continued adding paint her face to make sure I had nothing showing through on her face. I started using gesso to outline her dress form.
STEP FIVE: I started to roughly sketch out her face using a graphite pencil.

STEP 6: I started going over the face with a light wash of white paint. Not GESSO. Use White paint.
STEP SEVEN: Started adding and bring out her face by blending my colors for shading. I used Burnt Umber around the edges of my canvas to pop her out a bit more. I also shaded it around the figure and tried to blend it from the center out.

STEP 8: Started working on her eyes, and the rest of her facial features.

These mini workshops are fabulous to learn new techniques and also to be used for practicing! Try them...YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Now today, at some point, I will be catching up with all of your blogs. Please forgive me if I haven't been to see you over the past week. I promise I will be checking up on all of you guys today. That is my goal! I received an email from that little spit fire of an artist, SONIA...and apparently she has tried her hand at some journal pages...Sonia, I will be by to check out your fabulous pages! I'm really proud of you that you are taking some of the techniques that I have been posting and using them in your art! WHOOOHOOO... Can't wait to visit you!

So to add to your journaling techniques, here are some more for you to play with:

Distressing your journal page or mixed-media canvas:

Prepare your surface (journal page or canvas) by adding some washes of paint to get a background color. While your page is drying, get some old magazines and start tearing out pages that have color on them and some images that you like.

Take your cut outs and start putting them on your page using gel medium. I would use gel medium because you are going to be adding paint after your cut outs have been glued down.
After your page has dried, take sand paper and start standing off some of the papers. Depending on the distressed look you want, either sand lightly or go heavy. Which I did in this example. See the scratch marks on the papers. Love this look!

See where I sanded and I exposed the background paint on my journal page (the hole).

Above, I added a wash of white paint and started to sketch out my figure with gesso. I wanted a ghost look to this page. Have fun and see what happens when you use this technique to your pages!

Remember this painting I started. Well, I have been staring at this darn thing, and it just was not singing to me! So, I did the next best thing...


The thing about learning to paint and draw...it's ok to GESSO OVER IT AND START AGAIN! LOL I must get to Blicks to get more GESSO...I'm running low! LOL

Have some more product news to share:

This stuff is awesome and great for your journal pages. It gives your pages such texture. This would be great to try on a mixed-media painting!

Just look at what this page is going to look like when paint is added!

Here is another technique you can use on your journal pages or canvas. Take some paint (make sure it's a very thing wash) I added Golden's Acrylic Glazing Medium in Satin. Use a foam brush and lightly apply the paint to your page and then take a baby wipe and lift off some of the paint. Look at the cool effect you get. You can then go in and add bits of color with your paints or watercolor crayons. Fun, Fun, Fun!

I'm also working on getting my Element Art Doll Challenge completed for ADO's Blog Event. Make sure you sign up and play along with us over at http://www.artdollsonly.blogspot.com/ Sign up begins June 19th. This is what "EARTHLING" looks like now. Believe me, he is not done yet!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead. I know that I will be continuing my journey into the world of sketching, painting and learning to breath! Thank you all for visiting me, and I hope that you take some things here that I have shared with all of you and use them in your works. I would love to see your progress.

Until Next Time...



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