Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I want to wish all of you a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN and Hope that you get lots and lots of Goodies!

NOW...if you are finding yourself without anything to do on Halloween... here is a thought...stop over at and take Pattee Graham's "Creating a Witches Face" It's a fabulous workshop. It's great for beginners and advanced artists. So many possibilities that Pattee shows you and tells you what you can do with your Witches Face. Think it's to late because Halloween is in one day? Well if you are like me...creating witches and goblins all year around is no problem what time of year it is ... so why not create a Christmas Witch? Check it out, you will love it and it's only $20.00. You get 4 Videos and you get a separate video on all of your supplies. Plus, Pattee is a wonderful artist/teacher and will guide you and help you in this workshop! Also, the community of artists over there is just wonderful!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sewing Curtains...Preparing For A Cold Winter...burrrrrr's that time of year where we are getting our homes ready for the cold winter that is heading our way! I have spent the weekend preparing our many windows in our house! I have made 18 Panels for 9 WINDOWS so far and still have 2 more WINDOWS to go...but ran out of fabric! LOL Man you would think 18 Yards would have been enough! LOL
Here are some pictures of fabric, the sewing station ready to go and the process in which I have been spending most of my time trying to get these bloody things hung up and done!
Here is a great shot of the pattern in the fabric. I just love how they came out!

Pinning is what takes the most time! I wish I had some help with this...hmmmm Did I just see Zan flying on her pig over my house...I thought so! LOL

Look at how they hang. This fabric was a great choice for our home. However, it's really dark in here now...I'm going to have stock up on some candles so we can see! LOL

You can't really see them hanging here...I told you it's dark in here now!
Well, I'm off to buy more fabric for the last 2 curtains that I have to make. Once I'm done with's back in the STUDIO FOR ME to whip up some more Halloween, Creepy Witches. I hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween BLOG PARTY 2009 Hosted By A Fanciful Twist!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN BLOG PARTY...TODAY IS THE DAY! HOSTED BY THE MAGICAL and EVER SO CLEVER VANESSA of A Fanciful Twist. After your visit here, please stop by and say hello to Vanessa and to see her Magical Potions Brewing over at Also,there are many other Bloggers Brewing Potions today, so make sure you check them out!

It's a Rainy Day here at Crow Haven Farm

This picture was taken in preparation of the big event...we had a little sun when I snapped this. We are so ready for the FALL! To see my post on our Fall decorations, just keep scrolling down after the Halloween Party Blog Post to see!

The Girls are getting ready for the adventure and screaming around the house ...requesting me to hurry up! nEw LiTTlE WiTcHeS

Some of the Kids even jumped on the serving platter ...they knew where we were heading to..."OSTARA's" in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Whispers Jr. was eagerly waiting for me by the tree in hopes that he could stay at home. Whispers is a hermit...especially now with the cold weather upon us!

Ethel is always falling behind! I believe it's because she has no eyes!

We finally made it...WELCOME TO "OSTARA's" A very magical place and wonderland full of goodies!
Bethlehem, PA (Right on Main Street)

Entering the Enchanting Room. The Girls can't wait to try on their witch hats

Table full of HATS to TRY ON!

Stones galore!

Now it's time to have our palm read...eeeeekkkkkk!

Magical ball!
Some of us had our palms read and some of us had reading from a REAL CHRYSTAL BALL!

WE also had a chance to try on various vintage clothes...what a hoot that was!

Potions and spells!

I guess the spell worked...Look an ORNIE TREE! LOL

Spices, Herbs and YES....Lots of SAGE! Can never had to much SAGE!

I guess it's time to go home and get some sleep after a very busy and exciting day. Plus, we have to get some rest because there are hundreds of parties to attend!I hope you all had a wonderful time at The Studio at Crow Haven's Blog Halloween Party. Please make sure you stop by and visit Vanessa and all of the other Halloween Blog Parties that will be going on. I'm sure it will take me longer than today to visit everyone! LOL Looking forward to my visit to your

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ink Techniques, Work's In Progress & Etsy Shop Update

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope all of you had a great week and that you are all creating art! Weekends go by so fast and if you are like me, where you can't get into your studio until late Friday nights, make the most out of the time that you have. Even if you create in your journals and only have 10 or 30 will feel better and after awhile, you will make time...even if it means going without sleep! LOL

Okay, now on for some new techniques I was trying! I hope you like them! With the costs of art supplies now, and the fact that we have to have it all, and everyday there is something new coming out for all of us to go crazy with, I thought I would see if this new line of Ink from Liquitex would do the same job as all of those Glitter Mist Sprays, Tim Holtz's Spray Inks, etc.(Because let's face it, when ordering those sprays, you can't just get one color and they are expensive!) This technique works just as well as those expensive sprays...well at least they did for me and it's a heck of a lot cheaper. All you do is get yourself a little spray bottle (they sell them at Blicks for $1.19) I put about 12 drops of ink in the bottle and added about half water. You will get so much for your money and these inks go along way! Try mixing the colors...I haven't done that yet! I bet you can make all kinds of colors. The ink will last a long a long time and you don't need very much. I also tried using it directly out of the bottle for a drippy effect. I was very happy with the results. These little spray bottles are great for this process. They even come with a stick on the front so you can write the color on it. (

I tried the same process with the wonderful and to die for Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints. These work just as well. Just add a little bit more water because the sprayer head gets a little clogged, but it does the job.

I just added three Witches to my Etsy Shop.

I have been working on some new Cloth & Clay Art Dolls and they are still in the "WORKS IN PROGRESS" Mode! This little girl is a custom order from a lady in Austria. She wanted a cloth and clay art doll, and requested that she have a big "X" for an Eye. Do you think I got that? LOL
My Sitter Dolls. Man...are these fun to make! They are in the process of drying.
Here are some that have moved on from the drying stage and now are getting sculpted with clay!

Just got my BIGGIE BOARD and BIGGIE PAPER! If you don't have one of these and are interested in just practicing your drawing, these are absolutely great. I got both at Blicks. They are having a great sale (well they always do)! LOL

I'm getting my supplies ready for Art School. I start January 18th...Can't wait!

My good friend Anita told me about this amazing new Art Book. If you love drawing and using colored pencils, this book is MUST HAVE! It's brilliant and is filled with amazing works, techniques and demos. Who knew you could use mineral spirits with colored pencils!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and creative weekend and remember to take time out of your day to create ART!
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