Friday, September 24, 2010

The Studio's Practical Magic Blog Party Post...Come On In & Cast Some Spells

It IsTime For A Practical Magic Blog Party. This Blog Party is being hosted by LA Bohemian Magic & Frosted Petunias.  Our lovely Hosts have created a Practical Magic Blog for all to visit and participate, so go HERE to join in on the fun and visit all of the wonderful Practical Magic Blogs.

I have been a very big fan of this movie...and actually have had to replace my current copy of the DVD due to overplaying! If you haven't seen the movie or have not read the book, this is a must for your Bucket List!
Here are some pics from the Movie to give you taste of what is to come.

The House in this Movie is to Die For!
One of my favorite scenes. The girls trying to bring back the villian!

My Dream Kitchen!

The Fashions in this movie are absolutely wonderful. I have actually made some skirts and dresses that were inspired by this movie. 

Now for a little Practical Studio Magic. Meet Hilga...she is the Keeper of the Cauldron, and loves lots of bones around her at all times!
A few Witches and Pumpkin Heads to keep the party rolling!

Hilga's Heads...she always makes the Heads!

Wonkey the Spider decided that she wanted to come to the party and help Witchess of Wartstown and Transylvania Trickster with mixing potions and spells.

Take Old Bottles that you have and turn them into Mixed-Media Bottles. They are great for potions, herbs, and even some dried Dragons Liver

Now you can't have a Practical Magic Party without a "Spell Book." Start creating an art journal with your pictures, spells, words, chants, and fortunes!

Last but not least...YOU MUST HAVE TEQUILA.

We hope you enjoyed a little Practical Magic...and make sure you stop over and see all of the other participants! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Holiday Doll Ball SWAP-Deadline December 5th

Greetings & Salutations!

Well it's here once again...The Holiday Doll Ball SWAP is upon us! Zan from Vagabond Creations has put together the Annual Holiday Doll Swap just in time for the Season.  Please visit her amazing, storytelling Blog here: and sign-up to create your Holiday Art Doll to Swap with some amazing  Artists.

I will be participating in this hope to see you all there!

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget...The Practical Magic Blog Party is this Saturday, September 25th...can't wait to see all of the Witches attending the Party!

Until Next Time...Cheers

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Windows Update , Alcohol Inks & Knitting Books

Greetings & Salutations
It's been a very busy two weeks here at the Studio. Still working on the House Windows and we have three left to do out of 37. Yes, that is correct...37 Windows in this House! LOL They sure needed some tender loving care. LOL  In the mist of working on these Windows, we also had this burst of energy to start clearing out the attics. I can't believe how much "STUFF" you acquire over the years. It's absolutely amazing.  We have been taking bags and boxes to the Good Will everyday! It feels good to be clearing out, fixing up the House so we can enjoy Fall Season.
Here are some pics of what has been going on here at the Studio.

I WILL NEVER GLAZE WINDOWS AGAIN! That stuff is HORRIBLE! Stick with good old fashion Window Caulk!

Looking really good!
My husband was playing around with my eye glasses and my camera...

Pretty Cool Photo! OMG...I'm blind as a freaking bat without my eyeglasses! LOL
I managed to get some time (very little) in the Studio. Started playing with my Alcohol Inks. The key with these, make sure you let them really dry and spray a varnish on them before you start adding water to your piece.

Gotta love Amazon...Got some new Knitting Books and Sewing Books. Once my "Crow Art Dolls" are wrapped up for the Gallery Show, I'll be spending some quality time with my sewing machine, knitting needles, and of course all of the lovely yarn I have been collecting!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!
Keep Creating Your Magic!
Until Next Time

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crow "Art Dolls" Coming To Life In The Studio & Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Greetings & Salutations!

Well, I'm getting closer and closer in finishing some new Crow "Art Dolls" for the Gallery Show in November, and making headway with Orders for various Shops. I still have much more to do, but they are coming along, and this Batch is heading to Georgia, and will find their way to their new owners.  

The Next Batch will be heading over the Great Pond...I just hope they don't make a pit stop at the local pubs over there! LOL
In between creating dolls, mixed media paintings, I'm also working on our First Challenge over at Creepy Orphan Society. Our First Challenge is entitled "Morbid Curiosities." Perfect theme and just in time for the Festive Season.
This piece still has a lot of work left to do, but I'm getting it started.

I'm really looking forward to visiting the Mutter Museum in Philly. Check it out here!  Creepy Good Time We Will Have!
I hope you all have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Until Next Time...


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