Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Memorial Day To All of You!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Be Safe and Remember your Loved Ones Always!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Muslin Strip Tutorial, Learning to Crochet, Journals, Knitted Washcloths & Happy Mother's Day!

Another week has passed here at the Studio, and I have been learning so many new things to create.

I was trying my hand at stamping strips of Muslin and they came out fantastic. It's also a great way to add fabric to your mixed-media pieces. I used this technique to create custom wraps for my Spa Washcloths that I sell over at my Etsy Shop.

Basically you will need to cut 2" inch strips of muslin. Don't use scissors to cut them, just rip and tear. This will give your edges that raw frayed looked. You can tea stain or coffee stain your muslin and let the piece of fabric dry and then start to rip and tear your strips.

Once the Muslin is dried and your pieces are ripped, break out your permanent ink stamp pads and your collection of stamps. Start stamping your imagines onto your Muslin Strips!
You can use words, background stamps and then go over them with your picture stamps!

A closer look. Don't get worried if your Stamp isn't dark...this look gives it that Shabby Chic Look!

Now, set aside for about 30 min and then you can start using your strips for your projects. Here I used them to wrap up my Spa Knitted Washcloths.

I'm already for Mother's Day...I got every one's gifts ready for the Big Day on Sunday! I can't wait to give this to my family members!

Now that I have learned how to Knit, the next thing to do...of course...was to teach myself how to Crochet! LOL Boy, do I love this art form. Such beautiful crochet patterns and so many to learn. Can't wait to make a messenger bad and then felt it!

This is the BEST CROCHET TUTORIAL BOOK EVER. I have the Knitting one too. Just absolutely love these BOOKS, and I highly recommend both if you are interested in learning how to Crochet and Knit!

Here are some Crocheted Spa Washcloths that I have done. Absolutely love the colors and the patterns for these.

Now, I just couldn't stop at crocheting washcloths, so I'm working on a line of Crocheted Journal Covers that will be covered with backing fabric and then I will sew the signatures in using Watercolor Paper.

and I couldn't stop there...check out the crocheted FLOWERS! LOL

Here is the 6x6 Journal with the added flowers and the sewn in Signatures made from treated Muslin Pages.
Inside the journal. See how you can add the Muslin Pages to your Journals!
Side View of the 6x6 Journal
Two Crocheted Journals Ready To Go to a NEW HOME!
I hope you all have a WONDERFUL MOTHER's DAY! Keep CREATING MAGIC...


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