Monday, July 26, 2010

Doodling Like You Did When You Were Two!

Greetings & Salutations!
It's Monday, It's a Hot Day, It's a Work Day, It's a Windy Day, It's a Java Day, It's a Studio Day, It's a Creative Day, 
Okay, grab your markers, grab your paper, and start doodling like you did you when you were two!

I just signed up for an online workshop at The Land of Lost Luggage, which is taught by Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen. 
Sign-up over at Julie Prichard's Blog
I'm really looking forward to kicking up my painting techniques. I did the first assignment, but have to go back and re-do it. LOL  Hey, that is how we learn right?
Have a great Week!
Until Next Time...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who isn't Addicted To Art Supplies?

Okay, who isn't addicted to Art Supplies...I know I am! I have been working on various projects using different mediums.  I am so freaking in love with SHIVA OIL PAINT STICKS! These are absolutely wonderful, and they dry in 24 hours (unlike oil paint) LOL
I was looking through my old issues of Cloth, Paper & Scissors, and they have a workshop describing various techniques using these beautiful oil sticks.

I have to get all of the colors, but for now here is my stash!

They are just so creamy, and blend so evenly. I LOVE THEM!

Various Brands of Oil Pastels.  I really like the Crayola Brand. They are really easy to use. You can add water, just like watercolor paints.  For the Shiva Oil Sticks, you CANNOT USE WATER WITH THOSE, so if you want to dab and play with water, use the Crayola Pastels. 

Ohhhhhh Watercolor Crayons. These are so awesome. I use them all the time in my projects.  Especially my art journals. I love playing and mixing the various colors to get great skin tones.  Plus they dry fast! 
Look at the dreamy colors!
Now onto felting...I made a few of these for my friend Anita, and for her granddaughters.  I also made one for myself! I followed the technique in Betz White's Book entitled "Warm Fuzzies."  If you are into felting, this is a fabulous technique/workshop book.  The instructions are very clear and lots of photographs.  So grab some old wool sweaters and get felting!
Last but not you TANGLE?  Well...if you don't you will start once you get this great book. There are so many different tangle books out there, but this one is very simple, great photos to follow and practice. Love this Book!
Until Next Time...Enjoy the rest of the week and have a creative and wonderful WEEKEND!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


NESTING...Now to find the "ING"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011, So Dark So Cute Giveaway & Projects

Greetings & Salutations
Sorry I have neglected my little blog here was so freaking hot last week I thought I would die! We so need some rain here on the East Coast! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July.  The Fireworks here were simply spectacular this year!

The Sketchbook Project...are you SIGNED UP?  Better hurry if you are not...the themes are going fast! I picked "STORYBOOK" for my theme.  I received my Moleskine Journal in the mail yesterday, so it's official...I'm participating in the THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT FOR 2011...WOOOHOOOO

Go here to sign up and read all the information about this project being sponsored by the Art House Co-op, and the journals will be in the possession of the Brooklyn Art Library.
They have even made T-Shirts for this Event! I'm so getting one of these! LOL
You have until October 31, 2010 to sign up.  The Sketchbooks are due on January 15, 2011, and the Tour Begins on March, 2011.  Which means that ...once they get your journal back it will be traveling to various states for people to check them out and look at them.  Also, they will be downloaded into the mainframe, so people from all over the world can view your journal/sketchbook! Now how cool is that?

Here is my Journal/Sketchbook...Do you have yours?

What I'm working on...I have been working on different projects, but needed to complete some needless to say, I have been crocheting and knitting like crazy to get these done.  I had to make 10 Sets of various colors here is a little peek for you to see these wonderful washcloths I have been making! My Family and Friends use nothing but these handmade cloths. Once you use them, you will never use a store bought washcloth for anything!
Connie, from "Bee Happy Designs" makes these wonderful wrappers for your hand knitted, hand crocheted items, and she made these wonderful wrappers for me! They just added the finishing touch to my work.  Please visit her at
Thanks Connie for the fabulous job you did for me!

Donna, over at So Dark So Cute is Celebrating her Grand Opening of her Blog Shop
Make sure you Check OUT...Donna is part of DAG and she makes amazing Creepy Orphans, and various other Mixed-Media Art Work!


I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend...I know I will be locked in my Studio.  I many new projects in the works and looking forward to sharing them with all of you.
Keep creating Art...and always REMEMBER TO GIGGLE!
Until Next Time...


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