Thursday, April 30, 2009

Arts A Flutter - Folk Art Dolls For Sale

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great week! One more day to go and it's the weekend! Yippees...I can't wait to get into the Studio this weekend to finish up some Challenges that I'm involved in, Swaps, and WIPs. As you all know, I have joined up with "Arts A Flutter" which you can visit over at My first update is up and running, so make sure you come over and visit. Please make sure to check out the other artist's over there for their new updates.

Arts A Flutter updates the 1st of every month! My update will be showcasing my Folk Art Dolls, which I have posted here. I am offering Free Shipping and each Folk Art Doll is priced at $38.00. Each Folk Art Doll comes signed, dated and each will have a special hang tag!

Saddie from Turkey

Bethany from Amsterdam

Amelia from France

Sophie from Czech Republic

Rosealita from Spain

Beatrice from Ireland

Katerina from Russia
Enjoy and see you all this the Studio! WhooooHooooo
Until next time...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amazing Friendships You Make in Blog Land!

I don't know what it is, but every time I have really, really bad days at work, I get home to find little unexpected surprises at my door! I must say, this surprise, was a BIG SURPRISE and it was from the amazingly talented Kimmie Owens of "Once Upon a Blue Crow." Look at what she sent me...It will blow your socks right off your feet!

Kimmie Owens a ways back had posted on her blog, (by the way, check out her blog at this amazing painting she did with Crows. Well, I saw it and commented on how nice it would be to have since it had Crows in it. I really fell in love with it, but the painting had sold already. This little sweetheart created another painting with a beautiful dream tree with quotes all in it and she sealed the entire painting with beeswax and sent it off to me! I've been crying happy tears ever since I got home! LOL
Kimmie, I absolutely love this painting you did for me and I can't thank you enough for your kind and generous heart that you have. Like the title of this post, "Amazing Friendships You Make in Blog Land" is worth it's weight in gold and they are forever! I will treasure this painting forever Kimmie! Thank you again for this amazing gift! As you quoted..."Always Believe in your Dreams"... and I always will!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meet the Gossip Girls & WIPs

Hey Remember these WIPs I posted...well they are done and now introducing the ...




"Betty ... Say What"

"Tabatha...Be Good"

The Gossip Girls have been Sold, but I will be making keep a weathered eye out on the horizon over in my Etsy Shop ...

This little Dude is a WIP. He still have many layers of clay to be added. Right now he is just hanging out and taking a break! LOL

I can't wait to finish this one! LOL

Well, I'm off to play outside...It's been very cold here lately, and yesterday and today have been in the mid 80's, so the Studio will have to wait until weekend...hehehehe Enjoy your Sunday and until next time...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

ADO Artist Spotlight-Bonnie Lee Fontaine

I would like you all to meet one of my ADO Team Members, Bonnie Lee Fontaine. Bonnie creates the most amazing Art Dolls, as you can see from her photographs of her Art Dolls. Her style is all her own. Look at the details that Bonnie creates in their clothes, and those faces she sculpts. Absolutely amazing and breath taking. I'm proud to me in a club with such amazing talented women!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trick or Treat - Halloween Giveway in April

I am one of the lucky five that will receive a special treat from Debb George over at Make sure you check out her fantastic blog with all kinds of spooky, creepy cool things going on other there.


Now YOU can receive a treat from ME! All you have to do is be one of the first five to leave a comment on this post, and I will send you a surprise! However, you must know that it will then be your turn to do the same. Re-post this on your blog, with a link to my blog, and send treats to the first five to respond. Your prizes may be ANYTHING that you wish to give and can be very simple.

I know everyone is looking forward to the warm weather, but come on...Halloween in April? WhooooHooooo ... Just think, in 6 months it will really be Halloween! LOL

Now come on and play and pass it on! This will be fun!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Madness ...Oh Yeah!

Boy I am on a roll...I must say! First of all, am I the only one in the Country or the World for that matter, that has just discovered YouTube? LOL Well, I set up a Channel on YouTube and I will be featuring some videos. I'm quite excited about it...oh yeah! I have ordered my video software that I will need to start editing, etc., so stay tuned for updates on my progress! WhooHoooo
Okay, now for what happened in the Studio this weekend. I'm actually really surprised at myself for all that I was able to accomplish...Boy, I think those Fruit Loops and Java really work! LOL I was able to get started on new projects and complete projects and continued to work on my WIPS, all while being obsessed with YouTube! LOL

Here we go...I completed some WIPs that I have been working on over at E.V.B. Studios. I've had so much fun with these April Fool's...they are so addicting!

I had to start two more!

Remember these little guys? I started the next step! eeekkkk See next photo.

Here is what they look like so far. I will be working on these and finishing them up this weekend!

Miss Spring still needs a few layers of paint and maybe a few embellishments added. She is one of my Bowling Pin Art Dolls.

Here are some new Halloween Art Dolls that I started this weekend.

These little guys, Boo and Spookey have been WIPs for awhile, but now they have been completed! Yipppeeeesss

I have been working on a submission for "Somerset Studios-Holiday Issue" and these Ornies are heading to Sunny California tomorrow...Wish them farewell and luck on their journey!

I am really happy how these turned out, and they are just so much fun to make! Can you believe Halloween will be here in 6 months? What's up with that? LOL

I think that about covers my Weekend Madness...thanks to my Fruit Loops and Java, I was able to get more started and some things completed! LOL I hope you all have a beautiful and creative week ahead, and let me know what you think of my Ornies? I would love to know! Thanks all for stopping by my magical, whimsical world here at the Studio!

Until Next Time...CHEERS!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

ADO Artist Spotlight - Kaerie Faerie


Spotlight Artist...Kaerie Faerie
Kaerie works on "Soft Sculpture." Kaerie creates and designs amazing Art Dolls, and what she can do with cloth and a needle will absolutely blow your socks off! How other artist's create in clay, she takes her techniques to a level I could only dream of doing! Kaerie has sewn for many years and you tell that she gives the upmost care in the detail of each one of her art dolls. Just look at their costumes! Simply amazing work!

Kaerie Faerie is having a "French Party" which is scheduled for April 26, 2009, so please make sure you stop over for tons of treats and champagne...because it's going to be the party of the Year! For more details on the "French Party" please visit Kaeire's blog at

Kaerie created all of these treats out of cloth...They look so Delicious, you just want to eat them! yummmiessss All of these treats will be at the French Party....

Kaerie's beautiful Mermaids...Just stunning work this artist creates. Just look at the detail in her work, and how she becomes one with Needle and Cloth!

Please make sure you mark on your calender APRIL 26, 2009 for the FRENCH PARTY...It surely will be a party to remember!

You can see more of Kaerie's amazing works at:



Friday, April 17, 2009

The Renee Award & DAG Challenges

Have you seen "Once Upon A Blue Crow" Kimmie is a very talented artists who works in mixed-media. However, her paintings are to die for! She also plays awesome music on her Blog! Kimmie has bestowed me with this new Award, and check out that little girls face...happy, smiling and that is what art is all about! Even after I have posted on Kimmie's Blog, I always go back to listen to her choice in music as I'm working in my cool! LOL

The Renee award was created by Bella and Ces in honour of their friend Renee.In Bella's own words "this is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds it's way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns..." (taken from Once Upon a Blue Crow)

Thank you so much Kimmie for thinking of me and passing this on to me. I really appreciate it and I'm honored to pass it on to 7 others. I am doing 8. This part is always difficult for me because there are so many bloggers out there that I love and follow! But I have to pass it on and here they are:

Please stop over and check these artists out...all of them are different and each one of them are freaking amazing, talented, gorgeous artists! WhoooHOOOOOOOOO

I was able to complete some of those WIPs I have been posting and two of them are completed. The completed works I did for DAG and our challenges over there. The first one is for our Challenge entitled "Black Heart(s)" and this is what I made:

pg" border=0>
Our 2nd Quarterly Challenge is entitled "What Does Dark Mean To You" Dark has meaning different meanings, but for me it's SKULLS! LOL

Check us out over at

I hope all of you guys have a wonderful creative weekend...I know I'll be in the Studio with my Fruit Loops, Coffee and Rocking stay tuned for Weekend Madness! LOL

Until Next Time...



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