Thursday, August 6, 2009

Giveaway Winner & See You In September!

The Essential Traveling Kit...Sketchbooks, Pencils, Graphite Colored Pencils, Moleskine and a Good Read! LOL I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the Summer and that you stay creative and make ART! I decided to rip some of my sketches out and gel them to my Journal Folders so I could slap paint, molding paste, stamps, ink and embellishments! What a fun way to build up your Journal Pages.

This page was made by cutting up an old kitchen sponge and loading it with paint. I didn't wait until each layer was dry...THIS IS A FUN WAY TO BUILD UP TEXTURE ON YOUR JOURNAL PAGES! I also added some stamping images before I started painting so you could see bits of them coming through. These pages are far from done, but it's a start!
And The Winner of my DAG Giveaway is...Shirley from Skellyton Art! Congratulations Shirley, the Number Generator Picked Your Number "18"...Please email your addy. Please note, that I will not be sending "Mr. Boo" until after September 4th. Sorry for the delay, but going on Holiday and will not be back until then! Thank you to all of the participants that participated in the DAG Treasure Hunt. You could still win the Grand Prize that MarZel has so graciously donated for this event!



Anonymous said...

Congrats to Shirley!
Wishing you have a great time and I'm pretty sure that you will! ☺

Kaerie Faerie said...

Have a great Vaca, enjoying the summer and making Halloweenie dolls
Be Safe

Marie S said...

Love the journal, it is beautiful!!
Congrats Shirley!!
Travel safe and have a GREAT time.
Love and hugs.

Pattee said...

Have a GREAT holiday Michelle.... maybe I should wait to send your box till after you get back...

Your journal pages are so cool.... always!

Congratulations Shirley you'll Michelle's work!

Sue said...

Have a great holiday Michelle!! We will miss you!

3rdEyeMuse said...

that's one perfect travel kit! ... hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time. :)

Congratulations to the lucky winner ... I just know she's gonna love Mr. Boo.

safe travels, but please don't forget to come home.

Designs By CK said...

Congrats 2 Shirley!

Have a great weekend.

Chris (-:

icandy... said...

Hello there, sweets!

Just checking in on you and hoping that all's well! Let me know how you are~ busy, I'm sure... that journal is lookin' way too awesome!


Brenda said...

I just discovered your amazing a very clever lady. I love all of the little characters you have made especially Sir Midas, he has a cheeky smile!

Skellyton Art said...

I am waiting trying to wait patiently....hurry Sept 4th!

Thank you so much Michelle!


Christine said...

I think with all of the techniques you've learned you will one day be teaching~you sure have the enthusiasm for it!
Great work Michelle~enjoy the remaining few days of Summer:)

Quilt Works said...

Just wanted to say I like your style, "Whispers" is the one that really caught my eye! Looking forward to seeing more!

LindaGJ said...

Congrats to all the winners!!! Yall are so lucky and I am so envious! I would love to win the grand prize, yet it's probably to late now. I love Halloween too and collect Halloween pieces every single year so I have a wonderful display of fun things to display! I do have a lot of pumpkins. They all look so happy as some of them hold candles and I also have a string of pumpkin lights. This is such a wonderful blog! So much fabulous art work & eye candy! I love it! Hope you have a very fun and safe vacation!!!
Linda :)


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