Saturday, October 3, 2009

My DAG Journal Has Arrived

Needless to say when I got home last night from work, there it was waiting for me...My Art Journal. Eva Buchala from Lady Artisan made this unbelievable custom made Art Journal for me. We have been working on this project together for awhile and believe me, it was worth the wait. I wanted to have a special journal for my Dark Artist's Guild Group that I could use and share with my group. I head up the Dark Journal Group over at DAG, and I can't wait to get the group going on journaling. Eva spent a lot of time on this journal and I just absolutely love it.

If any of you are looking at getting a great gift for someone that they will cherish forever, a custom made journal would be the perfect gift. Eva does awesome work. I also had her make me my custom journal for the Traveling Art Doll Project over Art Dolls Only and another one for just my Art Dolls. They all came out great, and I use them all the time. You can reach Eva at the following addresses:

Lady Artisan
Eva Buchala (Website and Blog) (art dolls, sculptures and mixed media pieces) (notebooks and journals)

Thank you Eva for doing such an awesome job on this project for me. I love it!

Until Next Time...Have a great and creative WEEKEND!



Lisa said...

what a lovely journal! i'm going to checkout her etsy site!

Zan Asha said...

Well, you KNOW I love EVA! She is an amazing person and artist and her journals are to die for (haha! No pun intended)!

It is simply stunning and both of you are excellent artists!! Gah! If I went a little darker maybe I could join the group!

Tamara Dozier said...

That is an amazing journal! Lucky you. Hmmmm, I'm going to go look her up.

Lady Artisan said...

Thanks so much, Michelle. You're so sweet :D I should've planned to have more journals in my Etsy shop by now %P I'm working on some but I can't seem to build my speed up when I'm doing the carved leather ones.

Zan, thanks! I know what you mean about the dark pieces--every time I try to make something dark or creepy it just ends up looking whimsical.

Pattee said...

Wow Michelle~That's a beautiful journal! Eva does beautiful work!
I'd almost not want to write in it
~: )

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Wow-it's awesome! It looks like leather? I love the color and the buckles are so cool-love that idea.
Happy Journaling!

Abi said...

Fantastic! wish it belonged to me!

Anita Van Hal said...

what a very very cool journal! Can't wait to see what you put in it! Hugs!

Move With Me said...

Awesome as, that Journal blows me away....


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