Friday, January 8, 2010

Gifts,Sketches, Journal Pages and Art Dolls

Greetings and Salutations!
Boy oh Boy it was Christmas at the Studio this Week. Pattee from Odd-Dolls sent me "Dwiddle." Look how cute this little House Elf is...(by the way, Pattee is offering a workshop on how to create these little guys, so check it out over at her Ning Group). Click the Badge on my sidebar and it will take you to her Ning Group! Dwiddle is sitting with me in the Studio! I absolutely love him and Thank You Pattee for making me smile! The next gift is from Colleen over at LoopyBoopy. I am a collector of her Art Dolls and if you haven't gotten one yet, well you need to get one. Make sure you get it when you see it, because if not, it will be gone! LOL Thank You so much Colleen for Sending me Joelle. I love her too and she has found a home in my Studio. However, I have to feed her Martini's here and there! LOL Joelle and Dwiddle are up to no good! LOL Thank you girls for making me giggle!

I've been working on some new Art Dolls for my Etsy Shop and New Website. These little gals are not finished, but close to being done. I will post them all here before I place them over at Etsy. I'm loving this cold weather. I get to dress them in Winter Clothes!

Now if I can just figure out how to get some of pictures loaded right over here on Blog, I'd be set. Sorry for the sideways photos. LOL As you all know, I've been spending time with my Art Journals and my Sketching. I have made a goal to work in my Art Journals everyday and Sketch every night before I go to bed. As for the Art Journals, they are starting pages and I just love the fact that a page is never done. Man, you can keep going and going with these pages.

New Sketches for January 2010

Art Journal Pages in Progress! Try using watercolor with gesso! WOW and it's fun!

I will have updated and finished Art Dolls in a few days. I can't wait to show you all once they are finished. Stay Warm and Create Art Everyday!
Unitl Next Time...CHEERS!


jasmoon-butterfly said...

wow Mish love the dolls you received...enjoy!
I am luving the new creative style of dolls too go girl ...hee hee... def popping by to check up upon their completion ;-)
Hope the year has started off magical & continues to bring amazing rewards...big hugs Trace xoxo

Kaerie Faerie said...

I just love your face sketches, they are lovely so sweet and elfin
I see you are collecting ADO dolls too, it is so fun, I got 8 last year,
and everytime they come, it is like Christmas
Hey, snow in Florida Sat. maybe I can make a snowman, have a great weekend!
your fairy friend

Sue said...

You lucky duck you! Love your giftees from Pattee and Colleen!

Also like your new dolls - and yes, it is great to stay inside and create in this weather - SO cold!!!

Michelle, your sketches are excellent! I notice a big difference from when you started. Isn't it amazing how you loosen up
as you go along?

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!


nollyposh said...

Luverley to have found you (via) Art~Journalling... LOVE your dolls (i make my own cloth dollies) Cheers X:-)

oldblackcatboo said...

Wonderful gifts! I just recently discovered Pattee's work - that little elf is SO cute!
I absolutely ADORE Colleen's dolls, she never ceases to amaze me in what she creates!
I can't wait to see YOUR finished creations!
Have a martini for me! LOL!
I need something warm to drink right now! I'm Freezing!
Wishing you a Warm and Creative Day!

Pattee said...

I love Colleen's dolls and was so happy to have spent some time with one in the Traveling workshop.. I almost couldn't send her on : )

I love your new dolls Michelle! How cool that you used scrap booking with the bodies (Is that what you did?)

Your art journal pages are AWESOME!

Stay warm ~

Deborah said...

Every time I visit here, my head just spins and pops off!!! I am so in awe of all the art dolls. Incredible.

Deborah said...

It's so much fun to visit your blog!

MarZel said...

Congrats on those dolls!! They are winners! You know... I have got to get started on my year of monsters journal project. I told myself I had to do the cover first... and found it was just delaying the whole thing because I did not have a concrete idea about the cover. Funny, that... the cover was holding me back from starting... who said you have to begin at the beginning. I will send you a peek of my first page.... HUGS

Bone*Head*Studios said...

I LOVE it when I get to see all the wips!!!! Your dolls and artwork are so wonderfully whimsical!!!

slommler said...

Love your gifts!! They are the coolest. And your newest art dolls are TDF!!! Loving your journal pages too!! I have never tried gesso with watercolor...I will now though!!

Debb said...

Love the dolls and your jounal. Hey I'm having a easter-o-ween bunny swap if you have time to join let me know if not I competely understand.
My husband is about the same he is eating a little not much .
Thanks for being a good friend

Liliana Lucki said...




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