Friday, March 26, 2010

Commissioned Piece: Designs by CK

Greetings & Salutations!
It's Friday and the weekend is upon us!
A ways back I had commissioned Chris from Designs by CK to put his magic to King Kong for my husband. When I received it in the mail, I was so ever pleased with Chris' amazing hand at this piece he did for us. My husband is a huge fan of King Kong and I knew the right person to design this piece. Chris' work is just amazing and if you haven't been over to see him, you must visit him at:,, and
Chris work is truly amazing and I'm always so happy when I get artwork from him. Thank you again Chris for your hard work on this, and being so patient with me. LOL
I haven't found the perfect frame yet, but I will know when I see it!
As for this Friday, it's cold out, raining, and the perfect day to kick back with some Joni Mitchell, go through my latest yarn purchases and KNIT ALL DAY LONG!
I can't wait to make leg warmers out these. Just look at the colors.....oh la la.... These colors come out early May and I can't wait to buy one of each!

I received some new Knitting Books yesterday from Amazon and these are the BOMB. These books are terrific. Tons of instructions, patterns, and pictures. I love these. Check out the Pumpkin Dress color on the color of the one book. This is a must for me to make. Now, I just need some pumpkin yarn! LOL

Almost done with my fourth washcloth. My husband absolutely loves these. Plus, they are so great to practice different stitch patterns. I love making these.

I would've have posted my scarf I'm making, and I will once it's done. However, I screwed up a couple of the rows and have to take it to knitting classes tomorrow so my teacher can fix it for me. LOL The trials of being a beginner knitter. LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend. Stop back earlier in the week to see more of my finished projects. You never know what I'm up to next! LOL
Until Next Time...


Designs By CK said...

Hi ya Michelle!

This was such a FUN project for me and it's always a pleasure dealing with you!

As I said before, this is what makes doing my art FUN for me, by making others happy.

You are the sweetest & thanks too for all the lovely compliments!


CK (-:

Sonia ;) said...

Oh Michelle....Love the work by Chris...He is super duper wonderful artist and a total sweetheart.

Love all the yarn...knitting huh...hmmm...I dont know if my hands could handle it.

Have a killer weekend with Joni..


slommler said...

I would never have thought of a knitted washcloth!! Super!
The King Kong piece is terrific. You will have to post of pic when you find the perfect frame!!
PS. Your yarn is yummy!!!

Crissi Harvey said...

awwww King kong is fantastic,you can knit wow i so admire people that can knit, i cant to save my life tried so many times but i just get in a pickle, LOL Have a good weekend

crissi xx

LuLu Kellogg said...

Isn't Chris' work amazing? I have some of his work and the detailing is just awesome! I love this King Kong!

You are becoming the Rock Star of knitting girlie! I love all the yummy colors :)


Sue said...

King Kong is fabulous!!

So glad that you are enjoying the knitting Michelle - I'm with your hubby on the knitted washcloths!



JudySheaRT said...

Michelle.. do you sleep?

Deborah said...

Awesome King Kong piece! Love the colors of yarn you've selected to knit!

Kymberly said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and signing up to follow me! I fell in love with your blog the moment I saw it! My girls absolutely love your dolls! I'll have to come back again and visit your shop and purchase two for their birthdays--They are 1 year and 11 days apart from one another!

Anytime you are looking for a knitting pattern-and can't find it or have a question--give me a yell!Especially when you start learning to knit lace! That's when the "I can't stop knitting" syndrome begins!!! I learned the lace stitches by knitting lace washcloths.
After that --someone should have said--Danger!Danger! I "graduated" from that to Barbara Walkers--TREASURY OF KNITTING PATTERNS--there are four books in total! After that--I was hooked!

My kids got so tired of hearing ..."just let me finish this row"! If they heard me counting stitches--they knew to go ask Dad!

You've probably already done this--but--go to Elizabeth Zimmerman's blog--her daughter has a dvd that covers the simple lace stitches and you can knit along with her while she explains the pattern to you! There are three patterns on the dvd to learn to knit! A lovely lace stole, a circular spanish lace shalw, and a Faroese Shawl!

Confession: If I'm stressed or having a bad day--I go get that dvd and my needles and knit with her--it's so cozy--just like knitting with your best friend!

See-here I am writing you a novel on knitting--see--you'll never be the same again! But it's all good!

So glad that I met you!
Thank you

Designs By CK said...

Hi ya Michelle. I finally did a blurb about our project on my blog today!

Have you found a suitable frame yet?

Have a great & creative week!

Chris :-)


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