Friday, June 25, 2010

Art Journals, Painting and Sketching

Greetings & Salutations Everyone!
Happy Friday...Well, I've kicked up my Friday and currently working on some File Folders for my Journal that I'm doing for the Journal Junkin Workshop. I haven't made my cover yet, but will get to that soon. I'm having way to much fun with these folders.  It's amazing how you can keep adding, and adding and keep adding to these fabulous folders.  This is a very inexpensive way to test out new products, work out ideas and to see what colors look good together. I have the first layer down, which is the paint and now I'm adding the 2nd Layer with lots of different stencils, rubber stamps, found objects for added textures.  The 3rd layer will be more paint, and more paint! I would really like to have at least 5 or 6 layers on these before I start adding collage pages, magazine pages, etc. Give it a Go! LOL
I am also working on playing with my Shiva Oil Sticks. I learned how to use these when I took Misty Mawn's Workshop over the Winter. LOVE THESE OIL STICKS.  You can also use your oil paints after the first layer is dry.  I'm waiting for this piece to dry and then go back in and add more coloring and shading to her features. Can't wait to see this done!My girlfriend, Anita, had this book sent to me from my favorite place...AMAZON.COM! If this is the only drawing and/or art book that you get, get this one. IT's broken down into 52 Chapters which gives you 52 weeks of various drawing techniques, etc. The First Chapter is "Draw Cats in Bed." I have been a big fan of Carla Sonheim and her little girls that she draws. I'm so glad she put this book out. Apparently this is a new series of books entitled "Lab Series" by Quarry Books and they have another one entitled "Collage Lab" by Bee Shay, and yes that is in my Amazon Cart! LOLHere are some new sketches that I'm working on.  There is nothing like lots of sketch art books and a ton of pencils and art goodies all around you. I have this big bucket with all kinds of pencils, colored pencils, etc...and I carry that damn thing around like it's Linus' Blanket! LOL  You should see me when I take my bucket to the local Pubs! LOL
I hope everyone has a wonderful, creative and great WEEKEND!
Until Next Time


LindaGJ said...

Wonderful post! I'm so happy to visit your awesome blog and wanted to thank you for your comment. I definately have learned my lesson!
Have a beautiful day!

Pattee said...

I'm so glad to see you working on your drawings and sketch's as if you couldn't!!!! Lol!

I love when you post Mish...
Thanks for the birthday wishes : )
I will have a drink or two or three... : )


Denise said...

Hey Sweetie! Thanks for stopping in at my blog. Ive been MIA for too long but I AM BACK! Woo Hoo. It feels good. Your drawings are beautiful. I Love them! You have great talent for drawing! I took a mixed media workshop few months ago and it was great! I just can't do it all and must stick to my sculpting. I found drawing to be very relaxing!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Wow, you are one busy girl!! I love how you try so many things and they all turn out fabulous! Thanks for visiting me today♥

So Dark So Cute said...

See ya tomorrow at the teaparty!!!

Kaerie Faerie said...

fab post my friend, would love to try those oil sticks, got to find them first, well at least you don't sleep with a sketch pad. Talk about obsession LOL
have a great weekend, I'm taking a week off, just finished my Alice Tea Party Blog, I'm pooped EEKKKK


The Josie Baggley Company said...

I'm back! had an aversion to blogging there for a while ...not sure whether or not I've fully recovered to be honest ;) Glad I popped in here Mish as I've enjoyed your post muchly

pop over to mine for a LATE teatime party & a cuppa steampunk if you're so inclined

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Looks like you are staying busy as ever. I like the sounds of that book too. I love looking at your sketches. And I don't get by here enough!

Hope you are having a great summer so far. Pop over when you are out and about.

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

NatashaMay said...

Look at you! You've been so busy! I bought the same book from Carla and love it! I was doing some excercices this weekend.

JudySheaRT said...

Ok.. you had me at "journals". Wow, Mish.. dang, girl, you are one creative and busy woman. Ooo.. gonna check out the book.. As always, a great post.

Levonne said...

Wow you are really talented! I love your idea of journal making. Very nice art! If you have a few minutes, please stop by my blogs: Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. Thanks.

Designs By CK said...

Popping in 4 a belated howdy & enjoy your week!



Yarrow said...

Wow, your drawings are lovely, such a distinct style coming through.
I can't wait to see what you do with the folders now :)

Deborah said...

Lovely work! The bucket is a great idea!

Deborah said...

Lovely work! The bucket is a great idea.

Skellyton Art said...

You are so Busy at creating as usual! Great sketches Michelle!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Mish, you are really doing wonderfully on your drawings! Now you have inspired me to try to draw some so I will have to get this book!

I am loving your new Blog header and background!


Caroline said...

Happy 4th to you!! Funny thing, I just got that same book a few weeks ago too but have only gotten into the first few pages so far (the cats). Love the new blog look :)

Abi said...

Great sketches Michelle... wish I could sit down and draw.
I enjoyed reading Lisa's feature about you :O)


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