Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who isn't Addicted To Art Supplies?

Okay, who isn't addicted to Art Supplies...I know I am! I have been working on various projects using different mediums.  I am so freaking in love with SHIVA OIL PAINT STICKS! These are absolutely wonderful, and they dry in 24 hours (unlike oil paint) LOL
I was looking through my old issues of Cloth, Paper & Scissors, and they have a workshop describing various techniques using these beautiful oil sticks.

I have to get all of the colors, but for now here is my stash!

They are just so creamy, and blend so evenly. I LOVE THEM!

Various Brands of Oil Pastels.  I really like the Crayola Brand. They are really easy to use. You can add water, just like watercolor paints.  For the Shiva Oil Sticks, you CANNOT USE WATER WITH THOSE, so if you want to dab and play with water, use the Crayola Pastels. 

Ohhhhhh Watercolor Crayons. These are so awesome. I use them all the time in my projects.  Especially my art journals. I love playing and mixing the various colors to get great skin tones.  Plus they dry fast! 
Look at the dreamy colors!
Now onto felting...I made a few of these for my friend Anita, and for her granddaughters.  I also made one for myself! I followed the technique in Betz White's Book entitled "Warm Fuzzies."  If you are into felting, this is a fabulous technique/workshop book.  The instructions are very clear and lots of photographs.  So grab some old wool sweaters and get felting!
Last but not you TANGLE?  Well...if you don't you will start once you get this great book. There are so many different tangle books out there, but this one is very simple, great photos to follow and practice. Love this Book!
Until Next Time...Enjoy the rest of the week and have a creative and wonderful WEEKEND!


slommler said...

Raising hand...yes I am a art supplyoholic!!!

Kaerie Faerie said...

I've got to try those paints, still haven't, probably have to order online, there are no art stores in the country, only cows and butterflies, the colors are dreamy
fabulous summertime fun

Janice said...

Everytime I read a post like this I have to control my immediate urge to go out and buy them all! And I have never drawn a thing!

Abi said...

Indeed I am :O) love the latest felting you did for your friend... lucky friend :O)

NatashaMay said...

I've heard of those Shiva sticks but I'm trying really hard to resist them. :) dolls look amazing ans so does the felt cupcake. :)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Oooo... I'm gonna have to go out & buy some of those watercolor crayons... They look awesome!

And yes... I am so very, very addicted to art supplies... @_@

So Dark So Cute said...

wow! you're pretty buisy i can see! i used to draw and paint all the time from a little kid till maybe 10 years ago....than i did boring...and suddenly i discoverd clay :-) and now i can't stop nomore! i'm so addicted!

Pattee said...

You are so fricking talented Michelle.. I think I might go get some of those oil paints!

I'm so glad to see your blogging again!

Come over to my blog to see the first day of NIADA~

Candylei said...

Hi: The title of your post made me laugh! Your dreamy girls are gorgeous. I love shopping for art supplies...we always feel we need a little something more to work with or try out.

Keep up your great work!

Pattee said...

LOL, Jacqui says I wouldn't have fallen if she had stayed (she left a day earlier than me)

It was so much fun Michelle!!!

We did see some amazing artists... but I think the 4 eyed, 6 legged girl was my favorite artist this year.

The Rickshaw ride was crazy... Jacqui and I had a couple of drinks and got on this Rickshaw... then he told us to get out 3 blocks of our hotel, we said what??? "GET OUT of my Rickshaw!" He was a total jerk! LOL!

Hope you are well Mish~

La Petite Gallery said...

A gal can get an education reading your post.. It's great.


Anonymous said...

Greetings crazy woman! Made some felt pincushions not long ago like yours, next time I will try it with old sweaters :)

Lucys Baby said...

She stands up in a large crowded room and says...My name is Jan Bush-Wood and I'm a Craftoholic
So...I have 2 Zentangle books,
I haven't tried it yet, but is looks like so much FUN!

Is there anything you Can't do?
You're amazing!

Flora said...

Michelle everything looks so gorgeous!!! LOVELOVELOVE, the 3 figures!!!!


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