Friday, March 26, 2010

Commissioned Piece: Designs by CK

Greetings & Salutations!
It's Friday and the weekend is upon us!
A ways back I had commissioned Chris from Designs by CK to put his magic to King Kong for my husband. When I received it in the mail, I was so ever pleased with Chris' amazing hand at this piece he did for us. My husband is a huge fan of King Kong and I knew the right person to design this piece. Chris' work is just amazing and if you haven't been over to see him, you must visit him at:,, and
Chris work is truly amazing and I'm always so happy when I get artwork from him. Thank you again Chris for your hard work on this, and being so patient with me. LOL
I haven't found the perfect frame yet, but I will know when I see it!
As for this Friday, it's cold out, raining, and the perfect day to kick back with some Joni Mitchell, go through my latest yarn purchases and KNIT ALL DAY LONG!
I can't wait to make leg warmers out these. Just look at the colors.....oh la la.... These colors come out early May and I can't wait to buy one of each!

I received some new Knitting Books yesterday from Amazon and these are the BOMB. These books are terrific. Tons of instructions, patterns, and pictures. I love these. Check out the Pumpkin Dress color on the color of the one book. This is a must for me to make. Now, I just need some pumpkin yarn! LOL

Almost done with my fourth washcloth. My husband absolutely loves these. Plus, they are so great to practice different stitch patterns. I love making these.

I would've have posted my scarf I'm making, and I will once it's done. However, I screwed up a couple of the rows and have to take it to knitting classes tomorrow so my teacher can fix it for me. LOL The trials of being a beginner knitter. LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend. Stop back earlier in the week to see more of my finished projects. You never know what I'm up to next! LOL
Until Next Time...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

IT's All About Knitting These Days!

Greetings & Salutations!

My current obsession is KNITTING. I've been so busy with getting my hands on anything dealing with Knitting. I'm completely crazy over this new love. I'm even dreaming about knitting and the dreams go, knit 1, purl 2, knit 1, purl 2! LOL

On Tuesday during my mad search over at Etsy, I came across a wonderful shop called "Lambsears." Kelly's shop is just amazing and what even makes it better, she is an amazing knitter, and great to deal with. Make sure you check out her shop here Lambsears When ordering these beautiful handmade, hand painted knitting needles, you get a free Knitting Needle Case that comes with your purchase. Also, Kelly does special orders, which she is doing for me. I wanted these Knitting Needles in 14 inch length because when doing bigger projects, I need the extra length. However, I did order some in the 10 inch length for shorter projects.
Kelly also offers some fabulous HomeSpun Yarns. These are very YUMMY!

Check these out! I just absolutely love these, and they are PINK!

I just ordered a bunch of HomeSpun Art Yarn, and I'm waiting to get those from England. So in the meantime, I purchased some yarns from Joann's. These wonderful colors will be made into more Art Doll Shrugs for my little girls.

I just had to get another BASKET! LOL Just full of new and beautiful yarns ready to be turned into something wonderful!

Yes, Books on Knitting. Can't have enough in my library of learning! These books are wonderful. Especially the Book on Yarn. This book goes really in to depth about the properties of yarn and where it all comes from. Who would've thought there are so many different types of wool. LOL If you are new to knitting or would like to learn more, these books are awesome. The book on 400 Stitches is the bomb. You can't imagine all of the stitches you can create by just knowing the knit stitch and the purl stitch! It's just amazing!

Here is my first WASHCLOTH I knitted. My husband actually used it this morning and loved it. Well, why wouldn't he...right? LOL I used 100% cotton yarn (Sugar & Cream) to knit this. When working with WHITE yarn, make sure you keep your hands clean. LOL I'm pleased on how it came out. Not bad for the first try.

My Art Doll Shrugs. These are addicting to make. I can't wait to finish up some Art Dolls so they can be dressed in their little Shrugs!

Now onto my other passion...drawing. Still working on my style, techniques that I'm learning through the various workshops that I'm taking. Shading is the hardest part...I gotta tell ya! It's not there yet, but I swear I will get there if it kills me! LOL

Well, I'm off to make another pot of Java, put some Joni Mitchell in and get knitting and doing some other things. I plan on locking my Studio door again this weekend...hopefully my husband will send food up to me! LOL
Have a WONDERFUL and CREATIVE WEEKEND. Remember...DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO and always GIGGLE when doing it!
Until Next Time...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Studio Madness & Learning to Knit

Greetings & Salutations!
Well it's been a crazy week as usual and I have managed to get one Shrug knitted for my little Art Doll. I have been wanting to learn this skill for many years, and have tried it numerous times over the years, but never managed to grasp the whole knit and purl and all the other things you have to do. Not to mention, how to hold those darn sticks in your hands while controlling the tension on the yarn. LOL
I must say, this is a wonderful art form to learn and I'm having a blast at it! Here are some pics of my little Art Doll with her new knitted Shrug on. I think it came out pretty good for a first try at this.

This little Art Doll still has a lot of work left to do...but once she is completed, she will be hanging out with me in my Studio. I so have to keep her! Especially with this little Shrug goodness! LOL
Now if learning how to knit wasn't enough to keep me busy, I had to purchase this book on Crocheting. If you love Crocheting, this is a great book. Very basic, but it goes into some really advance stitches and patterns. The girls that wrote this book also wrote the other book that I got on Knitting called "Chicks with Sticks." Another fantastic book. Order them off of Amazon. They are so much cheaper than running to your local book store.

Had to get a Knitting Basket and stuff with all kinds of new yarns, needles, accessories, etc. It's ready to take with me where ever I go! The other thing is, make sure you get a knitting needle carrier too. I also took a sharpie and put the numbers of each knitting needle on the top. This way you don't have to fumble with your knitting gauge and try and figure out the metric system. LOL

So, do you think I should clean up this section of my Studio? I think so...with Spring right around the corner, it might be a good idea to have a major clear-out!

Okay, I have been waiting to get this DVD for some time now, and it finally came. If you are a Michael Jackson fan and even if you are not, this is a great DVD. After watching it, I threw in my Michael Jackson CDs and started dancing around in the Studio. I must warn you though, you will watch it over and over again...that's how good it is. I cried at the end...what an amazing artist he was.

On Joe Perry. Yes, I love this dude! LOL My husband brought this home for me. His friend tore this out of a magazine so I could have it for my Studio. I must say, he so curls my toes! LOL

Well, I'm off to have a meeting on Art and then heading into the Studio for the entire weekend. Yes, I'm starting early because I have numerous commission pieces to complete and get some art dolls finished.
Until Next Time...Have a great weekend, keep creating art and make sure you remember to giggle at yourself.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sketches, Knitting, Art Dolls & WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!

Greetings & Salutations! Back Home now and trying to get the house cleaned up, laundry, and a bit of Spring Cleaning. Looks like it's going to be a nice few days here on the East Coast, so better take advantage of it before the "BIG STORM" hits us again! LOL
Here are some new sketches that I have been working on. As most of you know, I've been taking some Portrait Workshops with Misty Mawn and Suzi Blu. Still trying to get that Bloody profile to work for me...still needs a lot of work. However, I am enjoying the process of learning to draw and trying for the life of me to get those SHADOWS down! LOL


Working with Watercolor isn't as easy as they tell you! LOL

Some New Art Dolls "Works In Progress." The poor things need a face and some clothes! I'm actually working on some Art Doll Challenges that we have going on over at "Art Dolls Only." Stay tuned for updates, as I move through the process.
Okay, let's just say that I've always wanted to learn how to Knit, but those damn knitting needles always got in the way, or should I say my clumsy fingers...Well, being away and having a need to keep my fingers busy, I thought I would give it another try. Can I say, "ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT."'s nothing like my Grandma was doing back in the day! LOL
Now I must find a Knitting Club to join...This is a very addicting craft!
Give it try...believe me, if I can do this, anyone can do this. I'm extremely clumsy with my fingers! LOL

Here are some GREAT Books to get you started. I ordered these off of AMAZON! The instructions are really basic and they actually go into types of yarn, weights and all of the different types of knitting needles...WHO KNEW!

Another score on AMAZON... WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE! Now I'm aging myself, but this BOOK was my constant companion as a kid...Well, let's face it, it still is because I'm still just a BIG KID!
Great Movie...if you haven't seen it, get it, rent it and ENJOY IT!

Okay, off to SPRING CLEAN and catch up with everyone. The Studio is calling my name! May be I should just lock myself in there for the next week or so...What do you think?
Until Next Time...Play, Laugh, Create and always remember to GIGGLE...It does work!


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