Friday, May 9, 2008


I attended a Workshop in New York City with my girlfriend, Tracey and my husband. We had the opportunity to take a workshop at The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. which is in SoHo on Vandam and Hudson Streets with the FROUDS! Wendy Froud and her son, Toby were just amazing. I have been waiting a very long time to meet them, let alone take a workshop from the amazing, wonderful people! Sherri, their Art Director was so helpful with getting us into the city and directing us to the workshop. Sherri was a great help to all of us, pulling clay, cutting wire, unloading bags of fabric, and trying to keep up from not burning each other with the glue guns! LOL

I will never forget this experience and I so look forward to taking their Advance Workshop either in NYC again in the Spring, or hopefully they will get a workshop together in the Philadelphia area. Either way, I'm I'm sure all the other wonderful people I met at the class. So many talented people out there!
HERE, HERE to the FROUDS for letting us create and helping us pave the way to an ARTISTIC LIFE!!!!! Thank you again everyone!

Enjoy some of the photographs that I took. That little guy right above here, is my little "Earl Grey, from Cottswood Forest" He is not completed, but once I finish him, I will post him on my blog for everyone to see. As you can tell by the coffee cups in the picture, Tracey and I love STARBUCKS!!!!!!!! WHOOO WHOOOOO HORTON HEARS A STARBUCKS! LOL

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Anonymous said... lucky are you??? Earl Grey looks awesome--I can't wait to see him finished!!


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