Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Happy Birthday Rita...This was a custom order made especially for Rita for her BIRTHDAY, by her very dear friend Lady Lynn! Lady of the Sea was so much fun for me to create! I was having some problems with her face, but she settled for what she has! It's amazing when you are sculpting and creating such little whimsical people, they let you know how and what they want to be! LOL I used papier mache to sculpt her head, and then I aged her with vintage varnish. Rita is a collector of Mermaids, so "Lady of the Sea" will join her many other friends awaiting her arrival. Just in time because Rita is going to see the Little Mermaid in NYC! This was the first Mermaid that I have made, and I am very pleased at how she turned out. I am in the process of making another one for my wonderful, and truly a God send, Sister-in-Law! Pssssss Don't say anything! LOL

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