Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ok, instead of posting a piece of Art today, I have chosen the following Books to Post here. These books are all wonderful and you can never have too many books, especially ART BOOKS! So if you find yourself browsing on the Internet on Black Friday, or hoping around the books stores on foot, here are some suggestions for you. I have found all of these books to be truly inspirational and helpful in my creative process. Some of these books are full of techniques, supplies, etc., and some are just meant to kick back with a fine wine and get inspired!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and survive BLACK FRIDAY. I know I will be locked away in my studio creating new treasurers and working on my Holiday Orders....Yipppeesss or Yikeeeesss ....there is just not enough time..where does the time gooooooooooo....out the window! However, while the time escaping or going into a time warp.... I will be blasting "Pink Floyd" in the Studio as I work on a Custom Collage Painting.... Let the PAINT FLY...right out the window!

Take a peek at these books...I know you will love them and enjoy them as much as I have!
Lynn Perrella...She never disappoints. I believe this is her 3rd Book. She has also written books for Stampington & Company... Great Artist! I love her assemblages!
Rice Freeman-Zachery (Rice also writes for various Stampington & Company's Publications, such as "Somerset Studio" and "Art Doll Quarterly." This is great book to read with that fine wine I was talking about.
Kelly Rae Roberts ...What a Great First Book... Kelly did a fantastic JOB on this book! I love it!
This is another great book to sit back and have a cup of tea, coffee, beer or wine!
Karen Michel...this book is filled with numerous techniques. I especially love Karen's techinique on gel transfers!

Traci Bautista makes painting paper towels fun! I also got her DVD Workshop...Brilliant I say!

Enjoy your shopping!


Jul said...

LOL - black Friday is one of those things I completely forget about, living in Germany. Coincidentally, the Christmas markets will open here that day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carol Cooper said...

OH the Karen Michel book about gel transfers sounds interesting! Thanks Michelle! :o)

Ricë said...

thanks for the review!


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