Friday, April 10, 2009

WIP Sketches & Yummie Art Books

I love collecting "Art Books" all kinds of yummy books. If you guys get a chance, make sure you check out these great books. Here I have listed some fabulous journal books to kick start your journal pages...Remember...the manila folders...have you started your pages yet? The really cool thing about using the manila folder techniques that I have been posting, is that you can just paint them over and over again. The idea is to get that "blank canvas" syndrome out of your head! It is so much fun just flipping the folders over and over and throwing down the agenda, just grab colors and have at it!

The Decorated Page, Journals, Scrapbooks & Albums Made Simply Beautiful, by Gwen Diehn; The Decorated Journal, Creating Beautifully Expressive Journal Pages, by Gwen Diehn

How to Draw and Paint Fairies, by Linda Ravenscroft

Wreak This Journal, by Keri Smith (This is a great paint, draw, stamp, etc.. right into the book)

Living Out Loud, by Keri Smith

Now, if any of you love to sculpt and get your hands around clay, here are some fabulous clay technique books for your little creatures.

Creating Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters, by Kinko Tilov. Kinko is coming out with a new book in August, 2009 and I can't wait to get my hands on his 2nd book.

Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls, by Maureen Carlson. I love Maureen's books and this book is probably my favorite out of all of them. The techniques and details and step by step instructions are incredible. You will love this book!

You can find these books at or

Okay, many of you know that I am taking a few workshops online...I am behind on some of them...just not enough time in a day! LOL However, I have been trying to draw or sketch every night before bedtime. These sketches are just ideas and me just practicing and playing around with different techniques. I have found that by taking a piece of artwork from someone I admire, and sketch it out, helps me with my drawing techniques. Try it...grab yourself some colored pencils and a mechanical pencil and just play! See what happens to your blank will be amazed!

For some reason when I load up horizonal pictues...they come out like this! LOL Oh get the idea...I hope! hehehehe

This sketch was taken from one of Karen's painting over at Karen D. Milstein Art Studios creates these amazing angels, and I can't wait until she gets her workshops up on the group over there so I can learn how to draw and paint angels!

This sketch that I'm working on is part of the Cloth & Clay Workshop Challenge on Nursery Rhymes...well my art doll is leaning towards the Queen of Hearts...Only time will tell once I start the doll!

Have a great Friday and until next time!



Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Absolutely some of my favorite things-books, journals, sketching, etc. etc. ..
I haven't gone book shopping in awhile :]
Love those sketches!
Whoo Hoo, it's Friday! Any idea what you'll be doing this weekend? :]

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hi Kimmie...WHOOO HOOOO It is Friday! Sketching is so much fun and I think by me taking some workshops it has helped me get over that fear...I am having a lot of fun the journal pages and sketching. As for my weekend, I'm going to try and complete some WIPs that I have been working on...Trust me...I'll post them...LOL How about you? Hey Happy Easter to you and your family! Speak to you soon!

Designs By CK said...

Popping in to say hello & wish you & yours a wonderful Easter weekend!

SpOOky Hugs,
Chris (-:

Sonia ;) said...

I have the Linda Ravencroft Book..Love it...a great sketching tool also...Love your blog, Have Happy Easter and dont overdose on candy....


Sonia ;)

Sonia ;) said...

PS...Love the sketches...sorry..Ive been doing that at night also...get my ideas out on paper..I am going to start the folders cool they are.

Smiles again...

Sonia ;)

Sue said...

Love art books too Michelle! Infact I'm a book hog - that is one of the best gifts someone can give me. are SO productive, your energy always amazes me - and you have a full time job. I have to start sketching out ideas. I get these great ideas at night while I'm in bed, but don't sketch them out.


Tess said...

These drawings look like you had lots of fun with them.

Zan Asha said...

Oooh, Lady, as always, the art is fabooo--what do you mean you are behind?? Grab yourself some Froot Loops and you'll catch up lickety-split! :D

Love the drawings! You are too creative for words!

Pattee said...

First of all I love your sketch's!!! I love to do that also.. when I watch TV I always sketch.

I love books also.. I'm so overwhelmed with books sometimes tho that I can't do them all justice...

Imagikal said...

All of these sketches would make awesomely cute dolls! Go you! :)

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I will admit it...I'm also a "Art Book Junkie" LOL
I've aquired quite a collection also....just can't seem to help myself!
Love seeing all you sketches.

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

I'm so glad that You all LOVE ART BOOKS and that we are all JUNKIES..LOL I just can't seem to get my hands enough of them and Magazines...Oh my...that's a whole other ball game! Enjoy

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

You know I was kidding when I asked you what you'd be doing this weekend? Silly question huh?
Hope you have a great weekend too and Happy Easter!

Mealy Monster Land said...

nice books there Michelle! love all the sketches, the one girl with the bunny is very intriguing.
just wanted to pop in to wish you a Happy Easter!!!

Kaerie Faerie said...

Hey Crow
I have some of those books, blonde minds think alike!
Thanks for the nice comments on my French Faeries, get your corset out and laced up, the party is April 26th, lots of champagne and goodies LOL
Happy Easter, I'll be in the studio all weekend, nibbling on chocolate rabbits

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Oh yes!!! Gotts love the books!! Jay and I have a HUGE library full of inspiration of every subject you can possible imagin!! Although we are always buying I will do a post of some of my favorite some time:)
I just love your sketches:) They all have so much character!! Jay is at me all the time to draw draw draw....I don't though...hehe
Keep up the great work Michelle I always love readiung and seeing what your wacked mind is up to:)

Love you

3rdEyeMuse said...

check you and your BAD*SS sketching self out!! WOW! I am super impressed. :)

thanks for the great book ideas.

oh ...

... and ...

... I am this close to signing up for it, too! :)

Cotton Pickin' Ranch said...

Hey Kido...haven't talked with you for a while...hope life is treating you kind! I think you're doing a great job at sketching...keep up the good work! Hope to finish my ning thing soon.....
thank care...hugs, Karen


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