Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Madness ...Oh Yeah!

Boy I am on a roll...I must say! First of all, am I the only one in the Country or the World for that matter, that has just discovered YouTube? LOL Well, I set up a Channel on YouTube and I will be featuring some videos. I'm quite excited about it...oh yeah! I have ordered my video software that I will need to start editing, etc., so stay tuned for updates on my progress! WhooHoooo
Okay, now for what happened in the Studio this weekend. I'm actually really surprised at myself for all that I was able to accomplish...Boy, I think those Fruit Loops and Java really work! LOL I was able to get started on new projects and complete projects and continued to work on my WIPS, all while being obsessed with YouTube! LOL

Here we go...I completed some WIPs that I have been working on over at E.V.B. Studios. I've had so much fun with these April Fool's...they are so addicting!

I had to start two more!

Remember these little guys? I started the next step! eeekkkk See next photo.

Here is what they look like so far. I will be working on these and finishing them up this weekend!

Miss Spring still needs a few layers of paint and maybe a few embellishments added. She is one of my Bowling Pin Art Dolls.

Here are some new Halloween Art Dolls that I started this weekend.

These little guys, Boo and Spookey have been WIPs for awhile, but now they have been completed! Yipppeeeesss

I have been working on a submission for "Somerset Studios-Holiday Issue" and these Ornies are heading to Sunny California tomorrow...Wish them farewell and luck on their journey!

I am really happy how these turned out, and they are just so much fun to make! Can you believe Halloween will be here in 6 months? What's up with that? LOL

I think that about covers my Weekend Madness...thanks to my Fruit Loops and Java, I was able to get more started and some things completed! LOL I hope you all have a beautiful and creative week ahead, and let me know what you think of my Ornies? I would love to know! Thanks all for stopping by my magical, whimsical world here at the Studio!

Until Next Time...CHEERS!


Sue said...

those fruit loops laced with speed Michelle? I swear you have the energy of ten people. Wow and wow
on what you got accomplished....amazing! Love the little bowling pin people.

Pattee said...

LOL I agree with Sue... those Fruit loops must be laced with speed or the coffee..... : )
I just love what you started, completed and just all of the fun you did over the week-end!

Good luck on Somerset Studio... or were you already accepted. As you should be!

So how do you get started with UTUBE? Do you need a video recorder?

Let me know!
Pat ~
Have a great week!

Debb said...

Michelle .
Don't forget to link back to me and make 5 gifts for your players I have a great gift for you. He should be done in a day or two run out of clay Need to make a run to go shopping. I love your new creatures . Debb

Zan Asha said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING you made!! Those little round of jesters are just amazing and the colors!! Awesome, awesome! You are too much! Keep the Froot Loops a'comin'! :D

Lori said...

i can't believe how much you get done over make me feel like such a slacker...i love your april fools, they are so clever...your new bowling pin dolls look great too...i think your ornies are wonderful!!! good luck with Somerset...

Sugar Donkey Dolls said...

You get more done in a weekend than I do all day! The Jesters turned out fantastic. I love the ornaments too.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

You are making such GREAT characters!! Love the bowling pin dolls! Best wishes for success with Somerset! That would be wonderful!!

Kaerie Faerie said...

I love your doll making style, the ornies are fab! Your making Halloween already? Wow your ahead of me, I have to make 20 mermaids for the shop for Christmas, that is my summer plan. I do enjoy seeing your work in the studio, maybe I should try fruit loops too!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired after seeing this but I love your stuff! :)

SpiritMama said...

You are unbelievable! Those little bowling pin dolls are soooo cute!

You just found YouTube, LOL, sorry but yes, I think you are the last one on earth to discover it. It is lots of fun!

3rdEyeMuse said...

when you said that you had even surprised yourself, I just knew we were in for a ton of goodness ... and I was RIGHT! you are SUCH a ROCK STAR!!

2 hours ... just 2 hours in your head ... I think that would fill my well for a decade!!

Sonia ;) said...

Holy Moly Michelle....Breathe Breathe...and share those Fruit have been very productive gosh....

Sonia ;)

ostrich girl said...

Love everything! What are the bowling pin people made of? Yes I wish you were here to then we could just set up a caffeine I.V. next to the sculpting table and go to town!
Show drop off date is in 8 days sorry I haven't been around! Trying to stay as inspired as possible so it is all amazing ! I will post pics soon!!!

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

You are always on a roll my dear! Great things happening over at the Crow!!! Can I have your email address? Every time I try to write back to you it comes back. ~~Sigh...probably me! what you've been working on! great work as always!

Jo James said...

Wow! You HAVE been busy! I love the fools best. No, the ornies. Oh, they're all wonderful!
Now take a break already, you're making the rest of us look like slackers.


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