Thursday, April 22, 2010

All Tied Up In Muslin & New Listing on Etsy!

Well another week has gone by, and today the weather doesn't seem to know what to do today! Will it Rain or Will the Sun Come Out and let me continue with painting outside? We wait with baited breath. LOL

I finished up my listing over at my Etsy Shop. I just listed my Spa Washcloths. I really like how they came out. I also love the fact that I'm getting big shipment today of fantastic organic cotton in a bunch of new colors. I have listed the colors over at my Shop if you want to take a look at the colors that I will be offering for these Spa Washcloths. I absolutely cannot make these fast enough for people. These knit up so nice in the yarn that I'm using and the colors are to die for! I have also included with the Spa Washcloths, a white ceramic bowl that has been hand stamped by me. If you are interested in purchasing a set and would like a different wording on your ceramic bowl, just convo me over at Etsy and let me know the colors and the wording that you would like and I will get the order started.

These Spa Washcloths are made to Order. The delivery time on your Order is approx. 2 weeks. However, if I eat boxes and boxes of Fruit Loops and have a ton of Java, I could get them to you sooner! LOL
These Spa Washcloths will last you a lifetime. Enjoy!
I've been working on my Muslin Journals too! As you can see by this picture, it's great having a clothes line up in the yard! LOL

Sanding, Gessoing, Painting, Staining, Sanding, Gessoing, Painting, Staining & Sanding. Well worth the time and effort in preparing these pages for Art Journals.

I made this journal after reading Lynne Hoppe's Muslin Art Journal Tutorial that I have posted earlier here on my Blog. This Journal is Approx. 9 x 11. I didn't pre-wash the Muslin before I dipped it in Tea Stain and it shrunk a bit. So if you want your journal a specific size after you have tea stained it, make sure you pre-wash your muslin first! LOL

On these pages, I have started adding bits of fabric scrapes and glued them down with Gel Medium. I would recommend using Golden's products for this. I had some Gel Medium, (Dick Blick Brand) likey, likey! LOL

These pages I added some additional walnut crystals and waiting for the pages to dry.

I like doing a lot of prep work on my art journals. Once they have coats of paint and gesso, the whole art journal will be ready to go and make some art whenever I feel the muse coming on!
I hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend. I will be sharing more pages with you next week and some new fabric journal covers that I'm working on.
Play, Laugh, Dance, Create, Dream, Believe, and always make sure you have a Bottle of Wine on hand!
Until Next Time...


noye studios said...

i love how your muslin art journal is coming out!!! i've made a muslin journal too though i'm using it more for a light-weight sketchbook to carry to work with me. So i didn't do the added steps of tea-staining the pages or prewashing the muslin. but it's a fantastic surfact to work on!!! i'm convinced. i'll NEVER purchase a sketchbook again!!! (well, ok... maybe)

and what a view you have to work outside with!!!!

love the spa clothes too! my mom makes them for me and now i'm sold. i'll never get store washclothes again!!!

slommler said...

The muslin journal is fantastic. Love what you are doing on the pages. And I am so glad you have the washcloths back up! I am going to have to get me some

jasmoon-butterfly said...

OOOOooO Mish I am really excited to give this a go...a faery journal with bits of twigs/leaves, thank you for inspiring me...the mind is racing lol
I love painting on fabric...we call USA muslin - Calico...our muslin is more a scrim/voile type fabric.
Big love to you my friend xxx

Pattee said...

I love your new journal pages Michelle! How time consuming... : )

And yes I'm going over to your Etsy shop and buy my spa cloths : )

Sue said...

Love your posts Michelle - you are so diversified. The journal is looking great - I LOVE Golden products, haven't used one yet that I would not recommend to others.

Enjoy your day!



Anonymous said...

My goodness.. how great!! I wish I could have the patience to do such work!!! I am truly amazed!

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Noye, yes, there is nothing like a handmade Washcloth. Once you start using them, you will never buy a store bought one again. I'm really looking forward to knitting bath towels. Can you just imagine? LOL

Slommer, LOL the Muslin Journal (the big one here) is going to be used for portrait paintings that I'm going to be doing. I can't wait to see how my paints blend on the pages.

Trace, get cracking on your Muslin Journal I know it will be absolutely beautiful!

Pattee, pick your colors girl! LOL

Sue, thank you so much sweetheart. I love keeping busy and I can't seem to do just one thing! LOL


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Please post the journal from time to time so we get to see the progression Michelle. My goodness, the work!!! These are going to be such treasures! I LIKEY!!


M.M.E. said...

I've never met anyone who actually made muslin art journals! You are my hero!! I absolutely love them!! You have a gorgeous blog here and an even more gorgeous Etsy shop. I can't wait to see what you post next.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Mish...I am loving the muslin art journal. You are one creative chickadee.

I am thinking I am going to have to try the spa washcloths are all threadbare...


JudySheaRT said...

Michelle... These are delicious.. I love this so much.. you have SO much always going on..I want to be like you when I grow up.


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