Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fabric Art Journal & DAG's Creepy Orphan Society Challenges (WIPs)

Just a quick post here just to show you what I have been working on over the past few days.
As you know, I'm taking a workshop over at "The Land of Lost Luggage." It's quite interesting so far. I never knew there were so many acrylic mediums to change the look of your acrylic paints. LOL Still practicing and playing and having fun with all of the new techniques.
I made this Fabric Art Journal and have decided to use it for my workshop assignments.  I used various fabrics from different designers. I love Amy Butler Fabrics, Alexander Henry, and Tina Givens Fabrics. So full of life and color. They really are fun to mix & match.
I sewed signature pages in the fabric journal. I used 140 lbs watercolor paper, heavy card stock, and canvas paper.  I absolutely love the canvas paper in an art journal.  I also added the pre-treated muslin sheets that I had previously prepared for other projects.  LOVE THEM!
Over at DAG we are currently working on some Quarterly Challenges, and we will be posting them over at the DAG Blog at the end of the month.  Some of the Artist's over there Donna and Essie really did a fantastic job on their challenge pieces. 
We also have a group which is currently called "Creepy Orphan Society."  This group is having a great time creating their "Creepy Orphans."  I started working on some new ones.  Here are some Works In Progress of these little gals.  Hmmmmmm I can't wait to see them completed. They are currently drying! LOL
This little Dude isn't so Creepy! He might have to find another group to join! LOL

Until Next Time...Have a GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!


Yarrow said...

Oh I don't know, he looks pretty creepy to me!!!

Love the journal to bits :)

So Dark So Cute said...

I told you so! I also said at the DAG forum that he looks pretty creepy! hehehe! I'm not the only one who think so ;-)
I sure believe that you make them kinda creepy!
Thanks for mention us witchy sisters from Holland/Netherlands. Yes, thats what they call us at Deviant Art,hehehe!
I can't wait to see your orphans finished!
hmmm... i want to make some more orphys too! And offcourse another mmbust,cause i promised to make one every month :-)

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Thanks guys... I will be working on these Creepy Orphans tomorrow. Waiting for them to dry. I can't wait to CREEP THEM OUT! LOL

jasmoon-butterfly said...

OOOOoooo new class looks exciting Mish :-)
I can't wait to see yours dolls completed ...yes I agree ladies he has that creepy vibe! Kool...
love & light my friend
mwah oxoxo

Kaerie Faerie said...

wow, they look creepy good to me, love to see dolls from your studio
and they are creepy funny LOL

JudySheaRT said...

Uh. love the fabrics,journal and your creepy, loveable dolls. Can't wait to see one in person... soon, I hope.. You're amazing!

Pattee said...

Oh Mish I love your journal pages but I really love your creepy orphans!!!!

I can never seem to keep logged in to the Dark Artist Guild... I've had problems since day one and Darlene helped me then I'd not be able to join or make comments. Any suggestions?

Hope you are well dear friend~

slommler said...

Am lovin' your creepy orphans!! But they really look adorable and not scary in the lest!
And your fabric journal is fabulous!

Dreamspirations Gallery said...

They're all creepy but the second one is Definately creepy... my husband would freak out if he came in the house one night and caught a glimpse of it standing in the corner! LOL
He's a tall fella and spooks easily by short little scary things!
Great Job on them so far and the Journal is very pretty :D

Abi said...

Ooh, journals... love them. I really must try making one, it looks fun :O)
Yep, cute not creepy! :O)

La Petite Gallery said...

You are really far out. love that creepy look. You are one of a kind.


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