Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is a great picture I found on Flicker Photographs. I sure wish I could find a sewing machine like this one. I would put it with all the rest of the antiques we have, or better yet...get it work so I could use! Then I would two (2)!

Well I'm getting ready for the Spring and I have started to clean out my studio and revamp it. My girlfriend has been doing this for the past month or so, so I'm a little behind her! I can't wait to see it. Going over for some studio time on Saturday...hope to accomplish some new designs for my EBs and sew some clothes for them.
This picture here of this wonderful looking studio is a dream of mine... Kudos to the person who has this studio! Love it.

I just bought a ton of fabric from Check out her website at Mindy is selling this fabulous fabric from Amy Butler. I can't wait to start my sewing lessons on Wednesday. Also, check back often at Mindy's site because she is always adding new fabric... Man I can't wait to see what she is getting in! You just have to LOVE AMY BUTLER FABRIC... I LOVE ALL FABRIC!!!!!!!

I've been sewing my doll clothes, but now I'm moving up into the big girl sewing. I'll be making some Amy Butler Skirts and the Dress Tunic. Can't wait to post the pictures. I might even model them....LOL
I hope you all had a wonderful day and that you created something fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Michelle...I was so excited when I saw you blogging!! I will definitely be visiting you!

The Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hey Chickie.....Your Home? How did it go? I know, can you believe I'm BLOGGING!!!! LOL I will try to keep up it! Thanks. Let me know how your trip went. I want details! LOL


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