Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boy, What A Week!

Hello everyone! I haven't posted since the OWOH...and boy what a week it has been! I've been having so much fun reading all of your responses, meeting new Bloggers and posting likely crazy on these amazing Blogs and their wonderful GIVEAWAYS! It's been so exciting and overwhelming at the same time!

I want to Thank all of those that have posted for my GIVEAWAY and to let you all know that there is still time to post and get involved with this wonderful event. The drawing won't take place until February 12, 2009, so Good Luck to you ALL!

I have some new projects in the works for my grand opening over at "ARTFIRE" and "1000MARKETS", I am hoping to have those shops up and running in a few weeks. I have listed each shop on the sidebar, so you can check in to see what is going on there. I have posted some Eclectic Beings over at 1000 Markets. It is so hard to part with them, but I do know that they will find good homes!

Here are some latest projects that I am currently working on in the studio for a little teaser. The final outcome always amazes me from where they first started! That is the beauty of artwork, it just keeps changing.

This little creature was sculpted out of polymer clay with a wire armature. I am picturing her holding a CROW! I guess she will tell me exactly what she wants...LOL
This little guy...not sure what is going on with him yet. However I do know that it's a "He" and he looks really scared or very upset! LOL

These guys are from my new series entitled "Nostalgia - 1938" You can find some completed pieces in my Etsy Shop.

Here is a beginning of a Painting that I am currently working on. This is a Custom Order that I received from over the Pond (London). I'm picturing a Castle with white caps in the background! hmmmmm I'll have to see!

I hope you enjoyed these little teasers! Have a wonderful night and I will see you soon!



Pattee said...

I just love every one of them!
They call to my heart.

The Whimsical Goblin said...

Oh my goodness... I love your Nostalgia series! What wonderful creations.

SpiritMama said...

Well I must say I'm impressed with your productivity! This week I've been visiting blogs in all my spare time, and preparing for two shows this weekend, and I've done nothing in the studio.

I do have a 12 week old boy that takes up some time :-) like, most of it, but "Boy, What A Week!" I hear ya!

3rdEyeMuse said...

it has been tons of fun, hasn't it. :)

awesome little tidbits - love all the new beginnings, but the first one ... oh yes & wow!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Michelle ~ BUSY girl! Not enough hours in the day to keep up with ALL the goings on in Bloglandia...OR at least then I would never get any new artwork done!!!

Hope this note finds you well & enjoy your weekend!

Chris :-)

idrawpix said...

Boy! I love peeking over other artist's shoulders at their WIPs. Thanks for the teasers... looking forward to seeing the finish!

Anonymous said...

When do you sleep?!
I like the bunny rabbit's expression :)

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Your art is wonderfully and lightens up my imagination!!!

Mealy Monster Land said...

Mechelle! you are very productive. wow, you got me beat on productiveness hands down. lol
I am totally diggin' bunny guy, great expression!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Oh! what great WIP's....I'm going to check out your Etsy Shop!!!

Phil said...

Oh yeah, the bunny has a very Wallace ate Gromit expression!

altermyworld said...

Your little creations are amazing!!!!! i will be sure to come back and visit you
Art on sistah,


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