Sunday, May 17, 2009

Learning To Take Flight & Studio Madness!

You Can't even tell there is a Window Behind There! Oh My, I think we need another Studio Clear-Out...What do you think? LOL

Have you guys heard of Kelly Rae Roberts? Well, of course everyone has heard of Kelly Rae Roberts! I have her book and it's been sitting on my bookshelf for a few months now. One night last week as I was meandering around the World Wide Web, I came across a blog that had a Ning Badge to "Taking Flight." I immediately went over to Ning to check it out.
The Group is following this book and I believe they are on Chapter 4 right now. However, anyone can join and you go at your own pace. I just finished reading Chapter 1 and now I'm doing the project in Chapter 1. The project is creating an Art Journal, and I have cut my book cover backs, gessoed them and have started to collage the covers. By the way, the Ning Group's Address is
In the Book, Kelly uses over Book Back Covers for her journal pages. You can use canvas boards, but I am going to be utilizing my Manila file folders for my journal pages. Here are some of the pages that I have started. The cool thing about this Group, there is no pressure and you go at your own pace. If you only complete one journal page every two weeks or whatever, it's ok. I'm becoming a big fan for journal pages. It is such a cool way to develop your ideas, and totally helps that "blank canvas"syndrome.

I can't wait to start painting this page... I see some type of girl in a long pink dress with long Blondie hair!

The other thing, you can keep your journal pages on your work table and use them to clean off your paint brushes! Keep them by you so you doodle on them, write on them, paste pictures, etc. Have fun starting your Art Journals. LOL
Now, over at DAG we are completing the May Challenge, which was "Ghost." I started something, but then switched to what you see here. I think he came out pretty cool! LOL
Okay now over at ADO, "Art Dolls Only" we are getting ready to launch on June 19, 2009, ADO's FIRST BLOG EVENT. This is going to be Challenge for Members and Non-Members. So, if you haven't check out the details, make sure you visit us over at for more information. Basically, we are CHALLENGING each and every one of you out there to create an ART DOLL in the theme of the FOUR ELEMENTS: FIRE, WATER, EARTH & AIR. I'm going to be creating an Art Doll in the Element of EARTH. What Element will you be creating in? Can't wait to see you all participating!

Do you remember this gals?

Well, a couple of weekends ago, I started sculpting more Gossip Girls...I really wanted to finish them this weekend, but these gals take time to paint, crackle and antique. Plus they are extremely opinionated on what colors they want to wear! Here they are at the next stage. They still need their hairdos and their little outfits made, so yes, they are STILL NAKED! LOL
Okay, everyone knows I love three of them are PINK! LOL
Here are some WIPs I am working on...I sure am having fun over at EVB Studios.

I finished up some more April Fool Heads...I really like how these guys turned out. I absolutely love Triple Thick Spray!

The Yellow One is heading to Pattee...Odd-Dolls...giggling all the way to Washington!
I hope everyone had a very creative and wonderful weekend. I know the Sun came out a little bit yesterday for us here, but I don't mind...when it's muggy and raining, just means more time in the Studio for me! LOL Have a great week ahead and until next time...


Sue said...

okay, so I'm trying to work this out in my head work full time, you have a family, you have a charming century farmhouse, and you have accomplished ALL this on the weekend.

The picture I have of you in my head, shows a rail thin person (no time to eat), with roto-wheels instead of feet, and a battery-pack on your back to zip you all over the place where the wheels won't go. Oh, you also have three pairs of arms and hands............can't be done any other way.


peggy gatto said...

What fun dolls, loved seeing their "growth'! It is such fun here!!!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Sue, you make me laugh...Well, truth be told...I don't sleep from Friday to Sunday and I'm Jacked on Coffee and Fruit Loops! LOL My Soul craves being in the Studio and No one sees me from Friday through Sunday...I go into Studio Madness Mode!

Peggy, thanks for stopping by and I'm glad I can make you smile.


Anonymous said...

Ha, Sue may have you figured out!!
Nice work on everything as usual ☺

Zan Asha said...

Actually, I'm with Sue, except I thought you had some sort of rocket engine strapped to your back so you could race around at light speed! Other than that, yes, Sue is onto something!

Girl, I envy the energy--whether it be sugar induced or otherwise!

SpiritMama said...

Michelle, you crack me up. I was reading about your Taking Flight, thinking, "Oh, it sure is a good thing Michelle found another hobby in art journaling because she was probably getting bored with so little to do...hahahahaha."

Great work, and I too envy your productiveness!

Pattee said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? The cool yellow April Fool is coming to my house???? OMG Michelle... I think I'm going to do back flips! Ouch my back... : )

I love, just love how much energy you have for your dolls, journals, friends, blogs, ADO DAG.... etc.....
My energy is zipped right now....

I love your gossip girls they are just too funny.
I love journals... I love what you do....

Yes I think it's time to see that window and let in some light! I think I'm also ready for a room change....

I've been waiting all week-end for you to post another blog post... I love to read them!

Zinnia said...

I love the inspiring journal pages. I think i have to get that book too! Love how your manilla folders are transforming, and I also love your sculptures!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

You are one creative maniac!! I too think Sue has you pegged to a T!!! Hahaha I can just see you go!!
I love your gossip girls, they really make me smile BIG:)


Sonia ;) said...


LOL...I am reading the comments and laughing...But girl you motivate me, exhaust me, and make me glad I can call you friend. You are so positive and I love that...

I am very interested in the art doll one with elements...Going to check that out...

Sonia ;)

Kaerie Faerie said...

Crow you rock, those girls are so cute, I see you are trying to keep up with me! LOL Too many ideas and never enough time, or 5 projects going at once, YAY

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Did you repaint the house, maybe redo the bathroom or something while you were baking and doing a sun dance :)
You amaze me! Love those characters. I have Kelly's book too. Lots of cool things in there. I have to start journaling more than I have been. I like some of the background ideas too.
Sunshine tomorrow-whoo hoo!

Suzi Q and I send our love and sweet dreams!

3rdEyeMuse said...

what you all seem to forget is that Michelle has actually breathed life into each of her creations & she's a slave driver, so while she idly sits sipping her coffee and munching on fruit loops, she doodles a bit in her new art journal and cracks the whip occasionally ... tada! more magic!!

hey, M ... the ghostie jester is flippin ASWESOME!

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

I was going to write this amazing comment about you, but I am too exhausted after reading all your weekend exploits. Man, I need a "jack up" just to READ what you accomplish! So tired now.

That description of you sounds like a doll in the making...

I have started on my first Elements piece, Water. I have decided to do all four! The Elements are very close to my heart, and I love working with their energies. :o)

Deirdra Doan said...

Hi...oh I love the girls you posted without their cloths....
I had a chance to take a class with Kelly Rae...much fun!

Guess what...I am coming out in July to within 1hour or so from you home. Love to see you and your cousin said we could drive up...husband is doing a concert in NYC July 18th and maybe Doylestown on that weekend might have to see you after work one evening if at all possible?
my husbands web is and think you already know that???

Lola Enchanted said...

OOOOoooo my goodness!!! What a "fantabulous" post!!! Yep, I said fantabulous!!!!!! I love your little girls there... Oh just too adorable!!!!! I'll be dreaming of them!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

You are a wonder! I have Kelly's great book too and was hoping to crack into it when school lets out this summer!

Pattee said...

Michelle since you are such a special friend in my life and you make such a difference to me... you can go pick up the award I've left for you on my blog~: )


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