Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Studio Madness, Under the Sea Swap & Journal Workshop

Good Morning my Little Blog Friends out there in Blog Land... Welcome to my Weekend Studio Madness! I have noticed that there is a theme going on for my Weekend Posts here on Sunday... and that theme is...I think I drink WAY TOOOOOO MUCH JAVA! LOL Okay, let's ROCK AND ROLL...!!!!!

I participated in the "Under The Sea Swap" that the every so lovely Zan from, so graciously put together for the many artists that participated in this SWAP. I was very excited when Zan emailed and told me that my swap partner, was Nicole Johnson from MealyMonsterLand! Nicole I received my ever so funny, and wonderful sea creature you created for me! I have to tell you that I absolutely love this little guy and he is sitting in my studio right next to me! I love the colors you used on this little guy! Thank you so much for creating this amazing piece for me! I will cherish it forever!

For Nicole, I created an Eclectic Being Mermaid...Here she is!

I have started some Summer Workshops and this is just one that I'm working on. Monica over at is offering some fabulous workshops and I will be spending time this Summer working on some of her workshops. I really want to concentrate on my drawing and painting this Summer!


I will be posting different techniques that I have been learning. They are so easy and you will really enjoy this process. I'm having a blast with creating and altering's very addicting...but then again, isn't anything that is art related addicting? LOL For this process, grab an old book that you don't mind painting in and getting it really messy...Instead of gluing the pages together to give you a thicker page, I used masking tape and taped 3 or 4 pages together... It's less time then waiting for the glue to dry and I have noticed that my pages don't buckle as much.

Take words, photos, etc... and lay them into the Gesso. Then put a thin layer of Gesso right over the words so you can see some of the words.

After your Gesso is dried, start adding Cran D'ache, water colors, acrylics, etc.. In this example I used the water colored crayons (by the way, these are freaking awesome!!!!)
Now use water and mix them all together...You will see such dreamy colors on your page! Have fun and show us your pages!

I have been working on my Folk Art Dolls. Let me tell you, these gals are very time consuming, but so worth the effort and wait! Here they are with their gesso applied!

Yes, I sew too! LOL My sewing machine last night was in overdrive!

Here they are completed...They are having a group chat!
The really cool thing about these Folk Art Dolls, they can hang on the wall or you can have them sitting. They are approx. from head to foot 19 inches tall.

This "Pinkle" and she will be staying with me...WHY you ask? Well, SHE IS PINK...NEED I SAY MORE? LOL

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm in the Studio today working on some workshop assignments and playing with my paint, oh and sculpting some more dolls...Stay tuned for updates on my workshops and some other things I'm designing and working on.

Until Next time...



Kaerie Faerie said...

Wow Crow, love the girls, and the little outfits. Great monster, I'm jealous! I ordered a monster for my DAD YAY, Nicole is the best monster maker. Thanks for sharing all the art stuff, I haven't got that much done, the boating business has been in overdrive this weekend, the weather is perfect! Have a great week, see you at the chat!

Lola Enchanted said...

hello there dear! I love your little monster friend you got! And, just let me say WOW, I love your wonderful madness!!!!!

Pattee said...

I am so envious of you and your energy!!!
I love your folk art dolls!!!! I wish mine tuned out as well!

I'm always so excited when I see another blog post of yours..... I grab a cup of coffee and feel I'm right there with you~

Judy C said...

This blog was terrific. I love learning new things. And you made it so clear. What good ideas. Thanks

Deirdra Doan said...

These dolls cloth clay do take the other dolls take less? The Folk dolls? I sure want to make them faster it is more fun for me if I don't get bogged down.

Zan Asha said...

Girl, I am so sorry, but I will one-up Sue's comment that you are strapped to wheels with a space pack on your back...

I say that I am starting to think you are a cyborg! Because NO HUMAN has that kind of energy!

Hehee, it warms my heart to see all of the lovely swap creations you guys are coming up with!

And I love the journal tutorial!
And of course, all of your other creations! Just amazing!!

Hugs! Zan

Pattee said...

I forgot to say Nicole's Swap with you is adorable... and how lucky she is to get one of yours!

I'd love to do the journaling pages (books) with you.
but have so many irons in the fire...

Can I ask you again how you do it when I don't have as many irons?

: )Pattee

Mealy Monster Land said...

you got your sea creature!! yippee, I am so glad you like it.
I am in love with your new dolls!

I agree with
Zan, you must be part cyborg with all the creating you get done. you go cyborg girl!!
:) Nicole

SpiritMama said...

You've outdone yourself again! I love the tutorial on journal pages. I'm going to try it out on the traveling doll journals! Your sea monster from Nicole is fab!!! Lucky you to get such a great swap! And your little mermaid is adorable. Folk art dolls are many can you do in a weekend???

Sugar Donkey Dolls said...

The girls are gorgeous!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I love, love, love your weekend updates!! That UTSS monster from Nicole is FABULOUS!! & your mermaid looks like she has the softest, yummiest mermaid fashion sense!

hehe ... and I can totally see why Pinkie is staying with you. :)

Thanks for the tutorial ... I love having these references to return to.

Happy creating!

Sonia ;) said...

Too much CAFFEINE? NOWAY......Ok so Im going to pull out the sewing machine....I have a few questions about the primitive dolls..How do you make the faces? I know how to sew and make the bodies...but the faces no clue....wanna make some they look like such fun...I brought some material to by hand in between calls....I really like the pink one...going to make my own Pinky LOL...

Sonia ;)

Anonymous said...

Nicole's creature is great but so is yours, the shells made me laugh! ☺

rebecca said...

ok, you have me hook,line and sinker with these folk art dolls!!! LOVE THEM!
(like i need one more obsession)
now can all your CLEVER followers tell me, how do you all get your photos on your comment page?

challenged in prescott,

Sue said...

Michelle, I love your folkart dolls and I love how your have such a creative spirit. You inspire me to further myself and try different aspects of art.

You rock!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Oh wow! You have been super busy!
I'm envious of your cute little monster and your classes with Monica! I'm taking a workshop soon with Tim Gagnon so I have to space them out but hope to get to one of hers after this one is over.
Love the girls you're making too! Pinkle is a hoot! Great work, love your blog♥

Debb said...

I love the swap you got from Nicoles I swapping with Cody Goodin he a great goblin artist.
Come on over for my give away for a mini skeleton bunny . Love your dolls.

Janny said...

Love these, Congrats with your award;o)

jasmoon-butterfly said... have energy girlfriend ;)
They are beautiful....are you entering upcycle challenge over there?


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