Saturday, June 20, 2009


Greetings and Salutations Everyone! I hope that you all are having a wonderful, creative weekend! It's been raining here all week! I don't mind...I actually really enjoy hearing the rain. I find it extremely peaceful.
So, remember last weekend when I posted the mini workshop from Cloth, Paper & Scissors? Well, I made you all wait for step 9, the finished piece of my painting. It actually turned out to be Step 10! LOL
Here is STEP 10...The Finished Piece.

I'm very happy how this piece turned out, considering it was my first painting in this style. The Artist, Pam Carriker who did the Mini Workshop for Cloth, Paper & Scissors, is starting a Workshop on July 7, 2009 over at Creative Workshops ( entitled "Pursuing Portraits. If you haven't been over there, and have always wanted to learn portrait painting, check it out! I know I'll be taking the Workshop. I am currently taking two (2) other Workshops with Pam, Visual Journals and Shades of Grey. I can't say enough about these courses. WOW...I'm learning so much! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Hey remember the Manila Folders????? hmmmm ....Have you guys started doing this yet? LOL Here is one example of how to clean your paint brushes and not waste the paint! Just take your paint brush and clean it on your Manila Folder...Look at the texture and colors you get! This simple technique will make great backgrounds on your pages and even on your canvas!

Now, here is another really cool technique. Take Watercolor paper, sketch paper, your manila folders and take only 5 or 6 colors that you like and make your scrap pages for your journals. What a fun and exciting way to add to your collages and journals and it's your own hand in your pages!


OLD BOOKS, I know you all have them laying around or you can get them at Garage Sales...Tis the Season for Garage Sales! Get yourself some old books and go to town with them. Collage, paint, stamp, doodle, create ART...JUST DO IT! Even if you just throw Gesso on them...for now! Go back and just keep adding layers, layers, and layers...You will be amazed at what you can do with old books...BREATH NEW LIFE INTO THEM...CREATE A STORY...LEARN, GROW...JUST DO IT!

I know I have been talking about Workshops and the amazing things I'm learning, and I'm so excited as I walk down this new path of learning a different skill...However, I'm scared, frustrated and little sad at times, but ...A BIG BUT!!!!! It's a CHALLENGE, and therefore we must push forward and JUST DO IT! FACING OUR FEARS of the unknown sometimes is a little scary, but if I can do this, SO CAN YOU! If you have been thinking about any type of Art Form (i.e., needle felting, painting, drawing, sculpting, mixed-media, knitting, quilting, etc.) there is a reason that you are thinking about why not JUST DO IT! Hey, and if you think you aren't good enough, or you can't do it...Then read the quote from Vincent Van Gogh


Three Cheers to Van Gogh!

This saying goes for any type of ART FORM!!!!
One last thing before I go and Paint my Butt off! LOL I'm involved over at Hands and Heart. (Website- Monica Zuniga has started a Ning Group and is offering AMAZING WORKSHOPS. I'm actually signed up for all of her workshops and I can't wait until my pieces are done so I can show you all what I have learned from this very talented Artist. She has breathed new life into me and has changed my life forever...For that, I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL! Monica is simply wonderful with her approach to teaching. Her videos will knock you off your chair while you are watching them! They are very clear and you feel like you are sitting right next to her! Simply wonderful!
I can share with you some of my Altered Book Pages that I have been doing over there on one of her Groups entitled "Altered Books." Please make sure you stop by and just check out what Monica is offering...You won't be sorry and I guarantee it...IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

I can't get this picture right...arrrghhh...Oh well, you can still see it! LOL

So with that said...I'm off to Paint those fears away!

Until Next Time...



Anita Van Hal said...

OMG girl! I LOVE seeing that big pile of canvases!!!! Your "Pam" project turned out wonderfully! It excites me to hear how excited you are about learning new techniques and skills! You go girl! And thanks for sharing! You've been busy! HUGS!

Zan Asha said...

Can I just say, Ms. Michelle, you are the best cheerleader EVER!!! I don't know how you could be more encouraging! I LOVE IT!! And I love the Van Gogh quote and alllllll those canvases LOL! When can I move to your house and soak up all that creativity and energy???? :)

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Oh wow! it was worth the wait! LOVE that painting. You really pulled it all together in number 10 :)
Love your altered book pages too-especially the first one-it's awesome!

LDWatkins said...

I love what you are doing! No time right now, but I WILL try this! Beautiful art work!

Mónica Zúñiga said...

This is a wonderful post dear Crow, so much fun in your life now! I was shocked about so many canvases! Lol!
That´s the way to go! Play time!
Thank you!

Bree said...

wow... im blown away.. you are a super talent girl... love everything... and I am so a thrift store / garage sale junkie.... great advice!

Designs By CK said...

Enjoy Father's day & Sunday hugs!

Chris (-:

3rdEyeMuse said...

Zan's right - you REALLY are the BEST cheerleader around!! ... and that stack-o-blank canvases?!? WICKED cool as I am absolutely certain they won't be staying blank for long ...AND those journal pages are GREAT ... I especially like last one.

three cheers to the besest Mish EVER!

Sue said...

Michelle, here's a cheer to you...for being a constant inspiration to us all. *SIS-BOOM-BAH* *RAH-RAH-RAH*


MarZel said...

Terrific, Michelle. Your project turned out wonderful too!!!

rebecca said...

i love the time you take to inspire others.
and the floor to ceiling canvas monolith is a true testimony of self

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Great painting! I love trying out new techniques.
You have quite a stack of canvas there!!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Beautiful completed piece! Great background! Love your idea of cleaning brushes on manilla folders! I really want to make myself a manilla art journal! It's going on my 'to-do' list now!
Thanks so much for your great enthusiasm! I saw the pile-o-canvas' and got GREEN with envy! ha
Then I saw the pile-o-books and you brought back to memory something else I planned to try as a surface. I need these reminders! Thanks♥

Caroline said...

Excellent job on your painting! ☺

Sonia ;) said...

Amazing work as always Mish....Busy beaver you are...Im getting farther with my pages...yay..will send ya some pics..

Sonia ;)

Pattee said...

Michelle you crazy fool!
I love the paintings and journal pages and everything you do!

I can't believe you have so many canvas's! You'll be busy all summer for sure..

I'm glad you like the cards I sent~: )

Cynthia said...

Ahh! I covet your stack of canvas! How super busy you are...I am totally going to check out those ning sites...I NEED some change! =D

plo said...

Look at you go! You are so full of energy!!! I love the techniques...and am going to go on and buy myself some new books to alter! I see you have the hot topic badge on here...thank you!

Zinnia said...

Hi Hunny Bun! Come to my blog, I have something for you. (Even if you have one, you deserve another).

Julie said...

I can't believe this is your first painting like that! It is so beautiful!! I love it when I just get a bunch of canvas' but I don't think I've ever had that many at one time. Wow! I'm only jealous! And did you maybe add a little girl to your blog header looks so good. xx


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