Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Travelling Art Doll Project and Gifts at My Door!

Oh Boy....the Art Dolls have arrived at The Studio at Crow Haven Farm...and they are already getting use to their new home for the next couple of months! LOL Well at least one of them will be and then the other one for additional 3 weeks...However, before I start with the new guests, I would like to thank everyone who participated in A Fanciful Twist's Mad Hatter Tea Party. There were so many Tea Parties going on this past weekend...my tummy is still quite full. So thank you to all who visited us here at the Studio and thank you for inviting us to your Tea Parties! We had a blast!

Now meet Madam Opal from Jacqui over at www.odddollz.blogspot.com Madam Opal has a Chrystal ball that came along with her and she predicts that some thing magical is going to happen to her. We are getting to know one another, and will be working together this weekend. hmmmm I wonder what that Chrystal ball is showing or telling her? LOL
Here is Grandma Witch...She is a hoot and comes from my other Team Member over at ADO Cindy from www.oopsdesparateblogger.blogspot.com What a card this one is! As you can see, she had made her way into the Sunflowers already!
Here they are getting to know each other and being surrounded by the Studio Mess!

I'm looking forward to reading their travel journals and working on them this weekend.
Now many of you know Michelle, from 3rd Eye Muse...if you haven't been to www.3rdeyemuse.blogspot.com well then that's your fault and you must run over there quickly...This artist is amazing and the sweetness little thing in the world. Michelle was having a Giveaway on her blog and it just so happened that her husband drew my name out of the hat. Yes, Me? I couldn't believe it! I never win anything and this makes up for any giveaways that I have ever put my name in and didn't win. Check out what this lovely, amazing, wonderful, caring, talented Artist sent me!

Just look at this amazing SHRINE Michelle created for me! I absolutely love it and this needs to be in a GALLERY. My pictures do not give this the justice it deserves. The detail is mind blowing. Especially inside the SHRINE.

Look at her amazing watercolor cards she has placed her hand on!

And yes, my frogger has a pink belly...just the way I like it! He is having a blast with all of the gals and they love his pink belly too!
Thank you so much Michelle for all of your amazing GIFTS to me. I will cherish them forever and they will be with me always!


Sue said...

I think the postman must have a special little red wagon he uses to deliver all the goodies that show up at your door!

Jacqui and Cindy's dolls are looking great!

I LOVE the shrine that Michelle made, you are so lucky to have won it!

The cards and pinkbelly frog are too cool! Thanks for sharing Michelle!

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh the trouble those traveling chicka's can get into while playing at the Studio! It's going to be sooo much fun seeing what happens to them.

... and excuse me, but are you seriously trying to make me blush?!?

it was truly my pleasure creating the little shrine for you ... so much so, I'm already planning another one (that I'm thinking just might have to take up residence on my nightstand). :) and I should make a correction ... most of the cards are photo's of paintings done in acrylics (watercolors and I have not yet made peace with each other) and the elephant was done in Sharpie on Bristol (also a photo of the original) ... and it was YOU and YOUR artful cards that inspired them. :) I am beside myself thrilled that you like your little goodies.

Pattee said...

WOW I agree with Sue...
A red wagon and also a horse drawn carriage to deliver all the cool things you get!

I love that frog!!!!
Love PAttee

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Special gift for a special girl!!! You are lobed by many Michelle:)
The frog Michelle made is great!! and a pink belly to boot, how much more could a girl want?? the painting are awesome too!! WOW HOO I bet you love that psotman!!
I am sooo excited you finally have Madam Opal in your hands, I can't wait to see what is in her future with your magic touch on her!!!
I kow she will enjoy her visit at the farm with you and her traveling companion looks awesome too!!

HUGZ and Kisses

Cynthia said...

Congrats on the awesome prize and have fun with the travellers!

Sonia ;) said...

So cool...Congrats on the giveaway...Have a great 4th!!!!

Hugs Sonia xoxo

Karen Valentine said...

Hi there! I wanted to come by and say thank you for leaving a lovely comment about my dog Harley. Your words were really appreciated. I've tried emailing you and the messages keep coming bach undelived...I'm not sure why. I hope you get this one!

My Desert Cottage

pumpkinhaus said...

Yeah! They are finally there!!! You will do them up so good Michelle!!! Have fun... the porky ballerina is comin' your way soon!


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