Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My New Overlay from ManaMoon at Etsy

I have to say that Sharon from http://www.manamoonstudios.etsy.com/ did a fabulous job on my overlays for all of my photographs. She also did an overlay for my new shop which is opening up sometime in November 2008 "Shotee Honee" Where Magical Things Happen http://www.shoteehonee.etsy.com/. This overlay is for my shop http://www.crowhavenfarm.etsy.com/ which I just love. Sharon coordinated my banners to match my overlays. Now, if I can just find the time to figure out my photoshop and add these cool overlays on my pictures! LOL
Sharon also designed my new business card for my new shop! They came out great!

Things in the studio are taking a place on the back burner for awhile... as my girlfriend from http://www.thegigglinggoblin.etsy.com/ and I are having a major clear out of our studios. I'm still working on our attic! However, I did manage to get the house decorated for the Halloween Festivities! I think my husband died when he came into the house after mowing the lawn and saw that the magical characters where bopping about the house! I'll post some pictures up once I download them onto my computer.

As of October 1st, my house will not be connected to the internet! We are going back to the day where your light came from candles! We don't even have TV... which is a beautiful thing, because we listen to music and music is always playing in our house! I LOVE IT!
I won't totally be without internet... I do have a day office job...arrrrggghhhhh..LOL Hope everyone is well and creating magical things!
Until next time...Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Oh you're such a darling for this posting, thank you so much! It's a pleasure to work with such a fabulously talented customer whose own vision really made her images come to life!

I love that you guys are going back to the "dark ages" so to speak. Oh how I wish I could do that as I've missed it so much but alas, money needs to be made and bills paid. ;-) Enjoy your tranquility though!

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just posted a note for you on Duda Daze's page. I bet I left her so confused. Anyway, here is a copy of most of what I wrote. I read your note about the Frouds. I liked it. It was fun and I did pick up lots of new techniques. I do think it was a bit over priced though. No one finished their dolls and by the third day Wendy was not quite into it. I did enjoy their sons puppets. If they come back I could love to take his class. More my style than the fairies. Did you enjoy the class?
Now, your dolls are adorable! I see I have you already linked to my blog. I will have to visit more often! So many wonderful creations! Janell

kelly said...

Just found your blog. Your art dolls are WONDERFUL!! Each so unique and expressive.
Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

Your site looks great Michelle!! I know you had wanted to get it redone and it looks wonderful (I like the font)! As for the lack of internet and tv at home that's probably best..all of those things can be so time consuming:)
Have a wonderful week!!!


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