Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunflowers Took A Beating During The Storm!

This weekend they were calling for rain, and let me just say...we got a lot of it, which we desperately needed. As for these beautiful sunflowers, they all came down during the storm, so we cleaned them up, cut off the heads for the birds and drove them down to the burn pile! Apparently ...not only are the birds loving these sunflowers, the chipmunks like them too! LOL

Hope you all had a great weekend... mine of course was way to short! Here is a few photographs of my weekend...

I need to paint my toes Pink!

The Heads...they always make the HEADS! These little guys are just waiting for their bodies...
Unfortunately I ran out of GESSO.... I made the mistake of buying a big quart of BLACK GESSO instead of WHITE.... arrrggghhh... So these are waiting to be primed!
Until next time...

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