Sunday, February 1, 2009


Good Morning everyone! I wanted to stop in and show you some WIP's that I have been working on. Before I show you the pictures, I want say that it's "FREAKING FREEZING" here in Pennsylvania! LOL I hope you all are staying warm and having a creative weekend! I'm sitting here with the News on, arrrrghhhh and apparently we are getting a big storm on Tuesday through Wednesday, so may be I'll get a SNOW DAY on one of those days where I don't have to go to the DAY GIG! Keep your fingers crossed for me! Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the progression of these pieces...they are so not done yet, but I'd like share with all of you what is going on in the studio!

He has gotten a body, feet and hands! Check out his smile...I believe he is happy to have these body parts added, especially his body!She has gotten hands so she could hold her little Crow! Her head was cold , so for the time being, I gave her a little hat!

This bunny isn't saying much...he hasn't decided if he wants to be a mute or just a misguided bunny!

This Skull is being created for our "Skelly Team" that Dani~ over at is hosting for several team members the "SKELLY SWAP". I can't wait to finish this piece and send it to my partner!

Now, I have to mention this fabulous Artist, Christopher Klinger from Designs by CK ( I found him by visiting some of my favorite blogs and I kept seeing his avatar in Blog Posts....hmmmmmm I have to check this person out! Well, it was love at first BAM! His artwork is so different, creepy but whimsical, (which I'm all about), and I wanted to get my husband something different for his birthday. Needless to say, I bought a couple of pieces from Chris and they were a HIT! My husband just loved them and now Christopher has a devoted Art Collector. However, his work is extremely popular, so I can see some bidding wars going on for certain pieces! Make sure you check out his work over at ! YOU WILL ALL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIS WORK AND HIM! Such a gracious, talented, kind, warm human being! He makes me giggle every time we talk! I love the fact that he is just so freaking adorable and humble!

Check out this artwork! Website:; Blog:; Store:





Designs By CK said...

Hi Michelle!

WOW your wonderful post touched my heart!

The frames are FABULOUS and perfect matches!!! The frames set the artwork off perfectly. Thanks for sharing and the PR!!!

Happy Sunday!

Chris (-:


Designs By CK said...

Hi Michelle ~ Hope you don't mind, but I posted the group framed pic and a shout-out to you / your lovely blog this AM on mine as well!

SpOOky Cheers,
Chris (-:


Anonymous said...

Love your stuff! And you are right about Chris, he is super sweet and a talented artist. I have one of his art pieces too :)
Stay warm!

Misty's Creations said...

Thank you for the post about the lighter cover. I'm glad you like it. I posted it on my Etsy shop, mistyscreations. I only have one more blank cover. These were left overs from a purchase years ago. I hope to make more now that I have my store. I will have to find them again!
Is there something your friend is especially fond of that I could personalize it for her? Please think about it and let me know.
I have it priced at 50.00 for the world market but fellow bloggers at 35.00 if that's acceptable for you, let me know if you're still interested and I'll make the next one for your friend. Hope to hear from you, thank you again,

3rdEyeMuse said...

they are all terrific WIP's, but I have a soft spot for bunny. :)

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello~ Stop by for a visit! Found you on Chris's blog!! Isn't he just FANTASTIC! He's such a talented artist! And so sweet!!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Man you aren't kidding about it being cold, ugh! Great posting though. ;-) Hope you're doing great dear friend♥ Have a fabulous week!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

All your new pieces are fav has to be the misguided bunny!
I sure hope that thae storm goes past us....I'm ready to out of the deep freeze.

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Oh Michelle, I want to come play in the crow haven studio with you and all these fun little guys!! I LOVE them all!!It is probably just as well we do NOT live close together or we may not have jobs or husbands!! hehe
But we would sure have lots of fun:)
Chris's work is amazing, thanks for posting a link to him.


Designs By CK said...

Of course I will reserve "3 Ghosts" for ya! '-P)

I want ALL my art pieces to go to such a GOOD home!

Me (-:

Creepy Margaret said...

I like these guys. How do you do your armature -- especially for the first guy?


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