Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on Computer Crashing!

Well, let it be said that I have totally missed my computer! It's amazing how attached we become to these pieces of equipment! LOL My friend was able to save the hard-drive, meaning I did not loose 3 years worth of work, so I'm forever thankful for that! He backed everything up for me so I know I have a complete back-up of my computer. I can't tell you all enough, when working with your photographs and art on your computer it is so important to back your system only take about 5 minutes or you all need to make sure you do that because I do not want you guys going through what I went through! Listen to the Crow!!!!! LOL

I'm still searching for a new computer. I thought I would have it by weeks end, but that didn't happen, so hopefully by next week or so I'll have a brand new baby in my studio! Wish me luck!
This is what I'm looking at...Apple Mac Pro Book...I've heard such great things about the Apple Computers! However, they are very expensive, but it might be worth it in the long run...they never get attacked with viruses!

On another note and to get caught up with awards, updated photographs, and works in progress and swaps, this post is going to be a little long....but stay with me...some cool things are about to be revealed:

First off, Caroline from CarolineCrafts awarded me with "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" Caroline and I are in different Ning Groups together. I'm thankful to call her my friend and fellow artist. Thank you Caroline for taking the time out of your crazy schedule to award me with such an awesome award! If you have not visited Caroline yet, please check out her blog over at

Next, I was involved with a Swap being hosted by Missy entitled "Luck-of-the-fae-fairy-swap" My swap partner was Lucy Miller and here is what I sent her. We had to create a Fairy, a Fairy Wand and something Sparkly. This is what I sent my swap partner!

Lucy, I'm so happy that you loved your Fairy and Fair for something sparkly, I added a glittered big star in her package. You can visit Missy's (our Host) website over at: or click on the badge on the right side of my blog.

Now for updates on WORKSHOPS that I'm involved in:

Over at Cloth & Clay Workshop (Click on my Badge for details on the left side) Here are some "Work In Progress" Photographs. I have to attach their arms and legs and I still have to paint. Can't wait to see how these guys come out!

This pictures shows how after you gesso the bodies (that is the key to keeping the paper clay on the cloth) you then start sculpting out their facial parts. This workshop is a lot of fun and if you like cloth (sewing) and working with creative paper clay, then I suggest you sign up for this class. We are actually starting our first challenge and it's Nursery Rhymes. I still have to finish my Dollie here and then I'll be able to work on the Challenge. LOL

Now, another workshop I'm involved in is Nancye Williams Art Dolls. We have just started the workshop, and this one is entitled "Creating a Polymer Folk Art Doll." Here are some pictures of my WIP's of my folk art dolls:

She just came out of the Oven...look at all her little body parts. I can't just make one, I always seem to make 2 or 3 at a time...I just work like that...always have and always will! LOL

These little Folk Art Dolls still have to have their arms and legs sculpted and hair has to be added. I'll be working on those this afternoon.

I'm also working on a new line "Bowling Pin Folk Art Dolls" Take a peek into my little studio and see how these little guys are coming along...they are made out of a Smirnoff Pomegranate Fusion Bottle (my favorite...believe me these are really good, you can even add Vodka to them to give them a little extra kick..LOL). I then cover over them with masking tape and then cover in paper clay...they take many coats of gesso...this is a trick that I have found to help with the sanding process.

I had a little visitor last night...look who was hiding and playing in the tinsel...I tried to be quite when I was grabbing for my camera...but I think I scared her...eeeekkkkk

I hope you all have a creative and wonderful Weekend...Until next time...


Designs By CK said...

Hi Michelle ~ GET THAT MAC book PRO!!!

Worth EVERY penny!!!

I switched to MACs in 2000 and will NEVER go back to PC's!!!

PLUS the are not prone to viruses (I've never had one...knock on wood) in 9 years!!!

Great WIP pieces too!

Have a great weekend.

Chris (-:


idrawpix said...

Sorry about your computer. Scary how quickly we can lose a lot of data!
Thanks for sharing the WIPs and tips. Can't wait to see them finished.

Pattee said...

I love your new dolls!!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Your work is so fun! I just discovered your blog, and enjoyed my visit.
And my computer keeps misbehaving too. We are searching for a new one, and I've backed up many of my files just in case it has a meltdown.

3rdEyeMuse said...

holy smokes! this post was soooo worth the wait! all the WIPs are fantastic, but I have to tell you those Bowling Pin Folk are completely to die for!!

good luck with the computer ... may the wish fairy bring it to you on SUPER SALE!

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

Yea! She's back! WoW! You've been so busy! So many wonderful things coming out of your corner of the world! Good to have you back (Get your mac!)

Mealy Monster Land said...

I so digging your cloth dolls! how cool. and those bowling pins dolls rock!

Misty's Creations said...

Michelle, have a lot of wips going on! That's awesome, about Twilight, yes I've read the books and loved them all. My oldest daughter was in love with Rob Pattinson that's how I got into it. I do suggest reading them first before seeing the movie, then you are totally invested in the characters. Glad you have borrowed a computer. My screen went out on my Dell a year ago so I have a very strange looking set up, with an out of date monitor but it works so far. I need to get that flash thing you talked about...I have so many pictures, I'd freak if the worst happened!I have flirted with the Apples but never gone through with it, let us know what you go with and give us a critique!

CaRniVaLiTy said...

I just stumbled on your blog and really enjoy all of your artful content.
I am totally frightened to start with a new platform too...but Macs sure are ya know the important stuff ;)

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

You really don't ever sleep, do you?!
Good luck with the computer :)

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hi everyone...thanks for being patient with me until I get my new computer. I will have to put the MacPro on hold for now... not in the budget right now! Good news though, I bought one and it's the Gateway Studio...I should have by weeks end. Wish me luck and thanks again for being so kind and patient. Cheers!

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Mac's are definitely worth it! Good luck on your computer search.
Are you kidding me? You have all those dolls ready to be painted? You are something else. I have not started on my challenge doll. Have you? (silly question!)
I need to get busy!

:] Kim

AwtemNymf said...

I am so intrigued with this paper cloth & paper clay workshop! I will have to check it out!
I'm just dying to give paper clay a shot. I have some supplies, but I need some help getting started! I honestly- don't know HOW or where to start! I'll give this a shot! Thanks for the info.!
Hugs & Faerie Dust!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything is working out with geting the new computer :) and I've gotta say that the fairy package you sent Lucy is quite wonderful! I've been curious about paper clay so this was a nice post to read :)

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hi guys... I'm glad you all are digging the Cloth & Clay... this workshop with Jane is a blast and I can't wait to get my dollies done! WhooHoo... I got my new computer last night, and will be posting it. I didn't get the year that is on my list of things to get, but for now, I love my NEW COMPUTER!!! LOL
See you soon and thanks for being patient!

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

When you get back around here chickie I left you some sawrds on my blog! :-)

a fanciful twist said...

h, your popr computer!! That happened to me last year. I had to get a whole new system, I feel your pain!!

Look at all this creativity and swas and awards and workshops!! Wowsa!!

Just popping in to say hello in my little alotted computer times... Back to work.. the elves are calling ;) ;) xoox

clothnclay said...

These guys are so cool! So glad to see you are back up and posting! Becky


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