Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ADO Travelling Doll Project- A Six Month Adventure

What is the traveling Doll Project?

This project is a collaboration of artists, all working individually on a group doll. A team of 6 people will end up with 6 dolls. Two team are participating for a total of 12 dolls being completed.Each doll will take a journey...starting and ending in the same place with a whole new look and story.

On this journey, each of us will be keeping a journal of our dolls adventure. My journal was custom made by "Lady Artisan" and I can't thank her enough for the fabulous, amazing, creative talent she put into creating my special journal for this exciting new adventure.
If you need handmade journals and specific requests, please visit Lady Artisan at Here are pictures of my Journal that will be travelling with my Art Doll as she goes from one artists hands to another artists hands.

Make sure you stay tuned for updates on this amazing 6 month journey! You can also keep up with my other team members at


Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

As long as it doesn't sit on my easel for six months I'll be happy :]
This is a really cool project you guys have got going on-what a great idea! So each person is gonna add something to a doll before she travels to another artist? With her own journal, I might add-wowee, it's beautiful!
Do you know what sleep is? :]

3rdEyeMuse said...

it's going to be amazing watching the dolls travel & progress ... fun, fun, FUN!

faerie enchantment said...

This sounds truly wonderful, what a great adventure, I can't wait to see the dolls! I bet they will be beautiful!

See you at the Carnival!
Magic and Joy!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Kimmie..LOL Yes, I do sleep...well, very little!
Thanks guys for supporting the Travelling Doll Project...I will keep you all updated on our journey!

Lisa, Looking forward to the Carnival! whooohooooo I'll bring my party hat and peanuts! LOL


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