Friday, March 20, 2009

ADO Team Spotlight!

I know I usually do my posting on ADO Team Members on Saturday...However, you all are getting it early! LOL Enjoy!

Meet Pattee of Odd-Dolls...

You can see more of Pattee's work at and her Etsy Shop located at:
Meet one of our newest ADO Team Members, Imagikal. Please visit Imagikal's Blog at: to see more of her works.

Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone...I'll be busy in the Studio finishing up some commissioned pieces, working on completing some Challenge pieces and working on getting up to date on my workshops!


Designs By CK said...

LOVIN' the purple flower guy!

TOO FUN!!! '-)

Have a great weekend lady!

Me (-:

Sue said...

Pattee's dolls are so whimsically wonderful! Love them!

Sue said...

Well, I hit post accidentally before I finished my comment - you'd think it was a Monday!

Imagikal's little violet
head guy is too cute!

Pattee said...

Thanks Michelle for adding Lucy's ~I was surprised when I saw them somewhere else other than my own places... : )
I love that Purple flower!!!

I'd love to be able to come and hang out with you

Anonymous said...

Woe! You always have the coolest finds!!

Zan Asha said...

As always, love the post! :)

Sarahlcc♥ said...

Rosebud guy! I can imagine him stepping, newly awake, from the dew covered bush in the morning.

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

two more wondeful ADO members!! Great dolls ladies:)
Thanks for posting them Michelle:)

Welcome To ADO Laura:)

Jacqui said...

Ooo odd dolls are fab!

Hi friend! How are ya? I wanted to tell you that I think the fairies are against us in e-mailing. For some reason my last 3 e-mails to you bounced back...

But I am thinking of you all the same!! ;) Happy Spring Saturday!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

KEEE_YOOT dollies!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog you have here! Your work dolls bring a smile! Thank you.

Deirdra Doan said...

Your Chatterbox is so cute!!


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