Saturday, March 14, 2009

IT's A *~* Carnival Soiree *~* Welcome One and All!

It's The *~*Carnival Soiree*~* Saturday, March 14, 2009 Here at *~*The Studio at Crow Haven Farm*~*
Our Host for the Evening is the Amazing Talented, Lisa Kettel. Lisa is Hosting our Event Tonight...Please stop by her Blog and say hello. Also, make sure you to stop by the other wonderful *~*Carnival Soiree*~* Participants to see their amazing Shows!


There is surprise at the end of the show...make sure you leave a comment and a giggle! I will be randomly picking on Sunday, a winner for my giveaway!

Now, how did Gerdie and Victoria get in there? The *~*BIG TOP*~* is Opening their Show..."The Keeper of the Dance" is ready to start the Show...grab some POPCORN, COTTON CANDY, HOT DOG on a stick...and don't forget your DRINKS!

Suzi Q from Poland and Gert from England are waiting patiently to sell tickets...Let's hope the EBs don't stampede them!

Felicia FanDango-Frenzy Fool of the Dance is pointing to her little EB friends..."No we have to enter over there." Let's find out if they listened to her!

Well, I guess they did...all waiting in line ...wait a minute...How did Giggling Isabella and Summer Blossom get to the head of Ticket Line?...Where is Felicia FanDango?

Farushka Frecklestein-The Foxy Fashion Forecaster and Funny Bunny Muriel-The Hareiss of Rabbitry are just leaving their houses to meet up with the rest of their EB friends...From the looks of things, I believe the Carnival has started on their block!

Pouting Amelia is leading Nelson, Webster, Gerdie and Victoria over to have their fortune's told...let's see what "April" finds in her Crystal better be something good...I would not want to upset Pouting Ameila the look on her face! LOL Miss April says ...Good Health, Good Fortune, Good Love To All...and "Don't eat all of the Cotton Candy and Green Olives"...giggle...giggle...giggle...

Well, well, well...if it isn't Felicia FanDango...already starting the Carnival Soiree with Crow in Plaid...hmmmm...what have they been up to? Oh...I see they have been getting Pony Rides from Mr. Crow himself!
I see the Nostalgia Series - 1938 are standing outside of the "Haunted House" ...hmmm..I don't think they are at the Haunted House, they are way too busy playing games! LOL
Okay, I think Gustant had a little too much to drink...his mask is upside down for heaven sakes! He is suppose to be serving the drinks, not drinking them himself! giggle, giggle, giggle, burp!

Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves with games, food, and the rides. I wonder what they are discussing...Seems like Crow in Plaid is paying close attention to what Farushka Frecklestein and Funny Bunny Muriel are saying!

I think "Hilga from Austria needs to take a little break...looks like she is all tuckered out! Oh, but look at how cute she is in her little party dress and crown! The Crown was made by Melissa, The Holiday Queen!

Giggling Isabella and Summer Blossom are chatting about today's festivities over a spot of where are the custard tarts!

The Carnival Fairy has cast her spell to help all of the EBs and their little friends to fall asleep after their eventful day at *~*The Carnival Soiree*~*

As the night falls upon us...The EBs and all of their new little friends are heading home to their beds...their tummies full, their hearts happy...and dreaming of the next party that they will attend! I hope you all enjoyed the *~*Carnival Soiree*~* what a fun party it was! We all must do this again soon!
I also want to thank our beautiful HOST...Lisa Kettel! JOB WELL DONE Lisa...and Book is Freaking Amazing!!!!!! Cheers my Friend!
As I said earlier, you must leave a comment and a little enter the Giveaway! I will be randomly picking the winner on Sunday and will post it on my Blog. I will also contact the winner to get your address for shipping! Good Luck Everyone and Thanks again for visiting me and hope to see you all again soon!

I love ornaments! I love collecting various artist's ornaments that they have in the Spirit of *~*Carnival*~* and my Love for Ornaments, I am giving away one of my Ornaments.
Enjoy and Thank you all so much for stopping by my Show!
Go and enjoy all of the other amazing shows!


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Oh that was wonderful Michelle!!! I so needed to visit the carnaval before starting work today:) Thanks, I will be in a carnival spirit all day today!!!

Love ya Sister!!


Designs By CK said...

FUN post Michelle! :-)

Glad you have your new laptop...what happened to the Mac? '-)

Have a great weekend.

Chris (-:

Pattee said...

OH WOW Michelle.....
What a wonderful display of dolls and all the circus stuff... you really went way out~ and I love it!
I'll go and comment tonight ~ : )

Christine said...

Well I went all out! And what a crowd you have there..I have to say I love that raven doll riding the horse (did you make that?!). Where did you get all that circus ephemera..I love it all! Count me in your ornament drawing :)
Good luck with the's such a pain when they fail...I swear by my Mac when it does work though:)

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Ah-ha...fooled ole Big Bad Wolf and made it to the carnival par-tay. Won't he be stunned and left scratchin his head when he makes it to your place and finds your not home cuz you're at the par-tay, too? Hilda cetainly does look tuckered out, maybe she has a bit of a tummy ache from all of the popcorn and sweets. Mr. Crow looks tired, too, or could it be that he's hanging on for dear life afraid that his pony may buck? I see now why Gustant took off before giving me direction...he was after the bubbly. Oh my not only is his mask now upside down but he lost his clothes as well. It's a good thing he's got something to hide behind. Modest is he? It looks like he did share his bubbly with Tellie Sailorson,the fellow clown performer who portrays a Sailor along clown alley over at the host Lisa's. Tellie's managed to stay clothed so far...
h burp

Tumbleweed Trails said...

I sent a comment already, but just couldn't leave your carnival without telling you how great it was. I needed some fun and a laugh and you sure gave them to me with your carnical and poor ole Gustant. Also, I love the Misguided/Deranged Love Bunny pictured on your blog. I need one like it to go with my misguided deranged life. hee hee Jody

linda said...

I love your carnival story! Hilga is my most favorite although all are so beautiful. I really like your mixed media houses as well. Thanks for sharing!

SpiritMama said...

Well you have been busy getting that fling ding together! What a fun carnival, your dolls are always entertaining, and Mama FreeBird gives them a standing ovation. (so do I giggle giggle)

ostrich girl said...

Michelle I cannot believe how much you went OFF for this event! It is a serious Carnival at your house!!! I wish I was there.It was so fun to see how you put everything together and everything is seriously perfect! I love all the different styles you have done and how much you are willing to try something new!!!I read your interview and it was so great! How cool to have met you! we will seriously have to plan some kind of doll/sculpt/playtime together!Thankyou for inviting me to ADO! You are the best!

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello fellow carnival gal!! I just loved visiting your carnival party! I loved every magical moment of it!!! I knew you'd do something most fantastic! And, boy you did!!!!!! I'm sooo happy you came to pay me a visit!! Now what do ya say me and you head for some carnival games and a ride??!!!!

Let's go!!!

Lydia said...

Wow, such excitement!!!

Have you seen Mr. Auguste Unica the clown? I've been loking all over for him.

Anonymous said...

You crazy thing! You have done a wonderful job on your carnival, love the pictures. I will email you later but need to catch up on some things.
BTW---pick me, giggle giggle :)

faerie enchantment said...

This is definately the place: "Where Magical Things Happen", I've been at your Carnival Soiree, for ever, taking in all the magic that you have here. Its pure Enchantment, as I wind down and relax, taking in the whole day!

Thank You for sharing your magic with me and all of the Carnival Soiree!

Magic and Joy!
Lisa! said...

OH!!!! Look at this festivity of magical carnival fun!! And all your fabulous characters!!!

I bet your house is always an outrageous place of fun anf frolick!!! ;) xoxo

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Oh what fun! I loved partying with these amazing characters! In fact, I have a date later with Gustant and Crow in plaid. I'm not sharing my caramel apple though :]
Love when the circus comes to town! Wonderful Job!


Debb said...

Will I'm late I'm late again but still on time I hope this is since a nice carnival glad you had it what fun.
love Debb

Sonia ;) said...

Giggles to you...Whimsey and cheer...You created a wonderful story and smiles for all the lil children we all have down deep inside.


Sonia ;)

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

ahhh, I finally made! I love your post, thank you for stopping by! Hope you had fun!
xoxox, Ann-Denise

3rdEyeMuse said...

Wow, Michelle! You so totally outdid yourself with this ultra fantastic and uber fun contribution to the soiree's ... thanks to you, I have to go check out some of the other players, too.


Cyberdelia said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun day at the Carnival here!! I love it! :-) I spent so long at the Carnival myself, and then doing up pictures of it, that I'm just now getting round to see what everyone else got up to...oh, such fun!! I love seeing all your creations...really inspires me! :-)

Holiday Queen said...

How fun is this? Looks like wild circus fun!


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